Ryabkov: New san-rîsansên rûsî yên nû yên bêkariyê nîşan dide

Map. History of Russia conflict

24 Îlon 2018
Nerve agent planted in luggage of Russian agent's daughter: The Telegraph6 month ago
Nerve agent planted in luggage of Russian agent's daughter: The Telegraph
Astana Talks: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says the future of Syria must be secured without outside political interference6 month ago
Astana Talks: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says the future of Syria must be secured "without outside political interference"
6 month ago
Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia will expel British diplomats in response to the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the UK following the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal
6 month ago
Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has responded to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson's comments about Russia's response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack by saying "maybe he lacks education"
6 month ago
Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia has stopped paying attention to allegations from the UK about the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and the UK's refusal to work with Russia on the case is a violation of international agreements
6 month ago
People are continuing to leave Syria's eastern Ghouta – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
6 month ago
Astana Talks: Russia's Lavrov says more than 12,000 people left Syria's eastern Ghouta on Thursday
6 month ago
Astana Talks: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says situation in Syria's eastern Ghouta is heading towards a disaster and urges for an end to clashes
6 month ago
Ryabkov: New san-rîsansên rûsî yên nû yên bêkariyê nîşan dide
Three US House members denounce Putin for blaming "Russian aggression against the U.S. on Jews, Ukrainians and Tatars. There is one person responsible for Russia's hostile actions, and that is Putin."
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization for documents related to Russia.
Senate Intelligence Committee leaders @SenatorBurr @MarkWarner with statement on Salisbury Britain attack targeting former Russian spy and his daughter: "It has become clear that Russia is behind this effort to kill innocent civilians with a banned nerve agent"
"It would be ill-advised for the Assad government to use any gas [chemical weapons]" says DoD's Dana White when asked if US prepared to go beyond rhetoric in Syria "This administration has been quite clear"
"We are going to be consistent in that message and we are going to continue to urge them to do that" says @ChiefPentSpox "We will use the @UN. We will use our partners."
"We urge Russia to compel the Assad government to stop killing innocent Syrians and allow much need aid to reach the people of East Ghouta", says Pentagon's Dana White, calling for resumption of Geneva talks
US @DeptofDefense expressing more unhappiness with Russia in Syria "Russia enables the Assad government" says @ChiefPentSpox, adding when it comes to East Ghouta "Their double-dealing is exacerbating the loss of innocent lives Russia is morally complicit and responsible"
6 month ago
Moscow had 'no programmes' to develop Novichok nerve agent: senior diplomat
Trump says it looks like Russians were behind poisoning of former spy in Britain
Trump says it looks like Russians were behind poisoning of former spy in Britain
6 month ago
Russia Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says Moscow is preparing retaliatory measures after the US imposed its new round of sanctions, reports @interfax_news
Among the entities and individuals sanctioned: the Internet Research Agency LLC and Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin (member of Putin's inner circle) - already indicted by the Mueller investigation
Washington: Russia's behavior in the world is causing problems and sanctions aimed at changing that
6 month ago
England manager Gareth Southgate says the team are "desperate" to play at the World Cup in Russia but he has no influence over whether the team will go
US slapping sanctions on Russia for Election 2016, NotPetya - "the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history" - in February 2018, says @USTreasury
New sanctions "part of a broader effort to address the ongoing nefarious attacks emanating from Russia" per @USTreasury's Mnuchin, says more coming "to hold Russian government officials and oligarchs accountable for their destabilizing activities"
"We are very focused on dealing with Russian aggression," insists another US national security official
"The federal government cannot protect every computer, every network in the world," says a US national security official, assistance from companies to secure their own systems is needed
US imposes sanctions on 19 Russians for alleged interference in American election, including 13 indicted by Mueller
Treasury has added Russia's Internet Research Agency to sanctions list, as well as over a dozen individuals connected to it that were named in Mueller's indictment
US hits Russia with sanctions for 'election meddling': officials
US "will increase pressure on Russia until they change their behavior" in the cyber sphere, says US official
"This is the first use of" Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, confirms a US national security official
About 4,000 targets of cyberattacks in US notified last year by @FBI, according to government official. Energy sector specifically being targeted by Russia and @FBI and @DHSgov have coordinated "to respond in a robust way."
Action taken by @USTreasury targets "some of those responsible for cyberatacks," says a fourth official
Cyberattacks by Russia on critical US industrial infrastructure "is long-term and still ongoing," says a third US national security official
"There will be more to come" targeting Russia, says official of US responses to the cyberattacks
Russia FSB intelligence agency has targeted US government cyber-security, diplomatic, military and other personnel, according to official
"US government and critical infrastructure" have been targeted by Russia cyberattacks, says US officials
Russia government "reckless and irresponsible," says the US official. "Today's sanctions also target other destructive cyber-attacks"
New US Treasury sanctions announced targeting Russia, Internet Research Agency, Priogozhin, others previously indicted by Mueller probe
The US Treasury Department is imposing new sanctions on Russian personalities and entities
New sanctions by @USTreasury on Russia for cyberattacks announced
6 month ago
Jeremy Corbyn says the country responsible for the Salisbury nerve agent attack "appears to be Russia".
UK Prime Minister Theresa May says joint statement made by leaders of the UK, France, Germany and the U.S. shows the nerve agent attack could have happened anywhere and "a united stance" is being shown
"We need a clearly articulated cyber doctrine that will deter nations like Russia from going after our crucial institutions" says @MarkWarner "We've got make sure they know whether it's Russia or other near-peer adversaries that there will be consequences"
"We should all be alarmed by the destabilizing role played by Vladimir Putin's Russia, which threatens both the United States and our allies," warns @MarkWarner
6 month ago
Russian foreign ministry says "London has something to hide" after Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told Russia to "shut up and go away"
Lavrov falls down during entrance to the stage6 month ago
Lavrov falls down during entrance to the stage
6 month ago
Putin and the Security Council of Russia are extremely concerned about the destructive position of Britain in the case of Skripal- Peskov
A joint statement, pointing finger at Russia for Salisbury poisoning, from @theresa_may, @EmmanuelMacron, Angela Merkel and @realDonaldTrump
UK PM Theresa May says "we do hold Russia culpable for this brazen, brazen act and despicable act"
NATO chief to meet Britain's Johnson over attack, warns Russia
6 month ago
Defense secretary's reaction shows UK is worrying, has something to hide – Moscow
"There's been no request for Article V" collective defense by the UK, says @jensstoltenberg. There's also been no British request for practical support in the investigation, but he asserts the political support NATO has provided is crucial too
NATO must remain united and predictable in the face of Russia's reckless behavior, says @jensstoltenberg, and "we all would benefit" if Moscow would end its aggression
Does the UK nerve-agent attack signal Russia has launched an all-out hybrid war? NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg says that's been happening for some time now, looking back at Crimea and tactics against Ukraine
6 month ago
London is deliberately refusing to act in the Skripal case with official methods - Lavrov - TASS.
Poison attack in UK is not just against Britain, says NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg, and "Britain is not alone." He says this caps a long string of "reckless behavior" by Russia and NATO is looking at what it can do in response
NATO chief says Russia lowering its threshold for using nuclear weapons, responsible for destabilizing tactics in Europe
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg says alliance "wont mirror" Russian buildup of forces and capabilities "drone for drone" and so on, but is equipped to defend all allies against all threats
NATO's @jensstoltenberg says nerve agent attack comes against a pattern of "reckless behavior" by Russia including Ukraine, Baltic build up, Montenegro coup attempt.
1st offensive use of a nerve agent on NATO's territory since our foundation - NATO Allies agree that the attack was a clear breach of international norms, offered support for the ongoing investigation and have called on Russia to address the UK's questions - @jensstoltenberg
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg raises Russian culpability in use of "one of most toxic [substances] ever developed" in the first such attack on alliance soil. "This is unacceptable; it has no place in a civilized world," he says. Moscow must address UK's questions.
6 month ago
"Let's face it, relations aint good are they?" - UK Defence Secretary says the "cool war" between Russia and the UK is feeling "exceptionally, exceptionally chilly"
UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson says there is no doubt where this attack came from: it came from Russia6 month ago
UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson says "there is no doubt where this attack came from: it came from Russia"
6 month ago
PM visiting Salisbury later
6 month ago
UK Defence Secretary Williamson on a possible retaliation from Moscow: "Frankly Russia should go away and shut up"
Businessman and former FSB colonel Konstantin Vasiliev shot dead in his car in Belgorod Oblast.
"Anything short of full solidarity with the UK would be considered a victory for the Kremlin" says former NATO Secretary General @AndersFoghR
Former NATO Secretary General @AndersFoghR on Russia poisoning - there should be a "collective response by the allies" but "maybe it would be too much to invoke Article 5"
France to take action over former spy poisoning in coming days: Macron
6 month ago
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the Government feels their response to the nerve agent attack has been "proportionate" and that relations between the UK and Russia have become "very strained"
6 month ago
Boris Jonhson on Russia: "Their attitude is one of smug sarcasm"
6 month ago
Russia says will first inform UK on retaliation, then wider public
6 month ago
Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia's response to British measures including the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats will come "very soon - I promise you that"
6 month ago
UK cut in Russia gas imports would be political gesture: Russian energy minister
6 month ago
Putin's retaliation against Britain will suit Russia's interests: Kremlin
6 month ago
Kremlin slams Britain's 'absolutely irresponsible' position over former spy
6 month ago
Russian state news agency RIA is reporting Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov will soon expel British diplomats in response to the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats by the UK
6 month ago
Russia will expel UK diplomats in response to UK actions soon - Lavrov
Britain's response to the nerve agent attack on a Russian double agent in England does not go far enough, says the widow of a Russian dissident murdered in London
France's Macron backs UK claim that Russia behind former spy attack: statement
France supports Britain's accusation of Russia poisoning the double spy
6 month ago
Britain's statements on gas from Russia are politically motivated - Novak
6 month ago
Putin has been talking about personally making the decision to storm the Dubrovka theatre, which resulted in the deaths of 170 people from a mystery gas used by security forces.
6 month ago
Russia to launch mission to Mars next year – Putin
6 month ago
UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson says it's obvious Russia has illegally hung on to stocks of Soviet chemical weapons and Moscow wants to deny the attack on ex-spy but also wants the world to know it is them
6 month ago
Boris Johnson says he doesn't think thermonuclear conflict is on the cards
6 month ago
UK's Johnson says corrupt Putin allies may be targeted
6 month ago
Maria Zakharova, Foreign Ministry spokes, says Russia received no samples. UK is continuing with the 'information and political show'
6 month ago
"The response measures against Britain will be taken in the near future." says Russian Foreign Affairs spokeswoman
6 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry says British PM's allegations about Russia are "insane" and that Russia is "very concerned" about use of chemical weapons in Britain after attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia
6 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: We are fully committed to the Chemical Weapons Convention
6 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: We would like to begin a serious dialogue with London on the recent crisis
6 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman: The British government has taken hostile action against Russia
9 tons of gold spilled out of a cargo plane in Yakutia after its door fell off mid-flight
White House says it shares Britain's assessment that Russia is responsible for poisoning of Russian ex-spy
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