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23 1月 2019
During a 39-minute session in the Oval Office with reporters present, @POTUS said "we may" meet with Russia President Putin in Paris, saying his advisers overseas were working that out. "I think something good could come out of that," he added.
President Trump calls Middle East a "nasty part of the world," says Saudi Arabia is a "very good ally of ours." "I will tell you: Russia and China would love to have that military order."
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: actions of the aggressor-state that it attempts to call "sanctions" are no more, but continuing aggression
Russian Navy "Admiral Gorshkov" frigate test fired "Poliment - Redut" surface-to-air missile system, naval version of S-350E Vityaz.
An escalator failed at Repubblica station of metro in Rome3 月 前
An escalator failed at Repubblica station of metro in Rome
3 月 前
At least 20 Russian football fans were injured when a metro escalator in a busy Rome metro station collapsed on Tuesday night, local media reported.
Escalator at Rome metro station malfunctions, several injuries reported3 月 前
Escalator at Rome metro station malfunctions, several injuries reported
Serious incident in Rome metro station after that allegedly CSKA Moscow fans jumping on escalator provoked collapse. 20 fans injured, 10 in serious condition, 1 had foot amputated.3 月 前
Serious incident in Rome metro station after that allegedly CSKA Moscow fans jumping on escalator provoked collapse. 20 fans injured, 10 in serious condition, 1 had foot amputated.
3 月 前
A Russian fan has been stabbed and two bruised in clashes between Cska and Rome hooligans near Ponte Duca D'Aosta in Rome. Police used water cannon
Kremlin: Meeting with Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs John Bolton
It's estimated one third to one half of China ballistic missiles would violate INF if they were a party to the treaty, adds @AmbJohnBolton.
"This is not a subject that arose yesterday," says @AmbJohnBolton about Russia violations of INF treaty.
During talks in Moscow @AmbJohnBolton says he had discussions about continuing concerns of Russia meddling in US elections, as well as arms control.
In Moscow @AmbJohnBolton says @POTUS looks forward to talking with Russia President Putin in Paris.
Bolton confirms that Putin and Trump will meet in Paris on November 11 - "We will make the precise arrangements on that, but it will happen on the 100th year celebration of the armistice."
"If you also believe that your political system will not succeed without a high degree of ubiquitous surveillance than you have a high degree of interest in AI" per former IARPA director Jason Matheny re Russia China
"If you have very little face in your own human capital to exercise your own political willthen you're very interested in autonomy" of AI systems, per Matheny tells @CFR_org
Putin: "As far as I can remember, the US seal depicts an eagle on one side holding 13 arrows, and on the other side an olive branch with 13 olives. Here's the question: Did your eagle already eat all the olives and only the arrows are left"
Bolton-Putin meeting has begun at the Kremlin. US side looks to be same as for Bolton visit in June: Amb. Huntsman and NSC's Fiona Hill + Joe Wang.
3 月 前
Yesterday, for the first time, US Air Force aircraft RC-135V carried out reconnaissance flight along the coast of Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia. It flew for about 15 minutes from Russian border to Sukhumi.
Russian PM Medvedev: sanctions against Ukraine will hit hundreds of persons and entities, including famous people
Stavropol Krai cossacks demand from authorities to request Naurskiy and Shelkovskiy district of Chechnya to be included in Stavropol Krai, like in Ingushetiya land deal
3 月 前
US and Uzbekistan signed investment deals worth $2.5B in Tashkent. Chair of the US-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce told Uzbek officials that Americans will invest more in the Central Asian country than Russia pledged ($27B) after Putin's visit last week
[email protected] got a State Dept cable that reported @RandPaul is lobbying to lift Russia sanctions and to negotiate (not withdraw) from the INF Treaty.
Moldova’s pro-Russian President Igor Dodon said on Tuesday that Russian Patriarch Kirill will visit Moldova from October 27 to 28 – a shorter visit than the four-day trip that was initially announced.
"Russia 1" state TV show phone conversation with witness of Kerch school shooting, student of college, Alina Kerova, but girl with same name listed as died in shooting
The BBC's @sarahrainsford asks John Bolton in Moscow if the US' decision to pull out of the INF treaty is a dangerous step and a return to the Cold War
Video: Bolton laying the wreath at Nemtsov memorial
Video: Bolton laying the wreath at Nemtsov memorial
Russian authorities called information about bread price hike a provocation
US Cyber Command has begun operations against Russians trying to influence midterm elections. The so called direct messaging campaign to deter Russian propoganda efforts is first cyber operations to defend US vote.
Body of 5th killed in explosion at Avangard plant near St.Petersburg was found
The Ingush oppositionist Magomed Khazbiev has refused from the services of advocates Kheda Ibrieva and Andrei Sabinin. Ingushetia advocates oppositioner
Kremlin supports proposal of foreigners share in news aggregation companies
Russian Minister of Defense met with Bolton
Activists in Komi block a planned new garbage dump for waste from Moscow, 1,000 miles to the south.
Bolton's Moscow wreath diplomacy: one to the Tomb of Unknown Soldier, one to the unofficial Boris Nemtsov memorial.
In interview with Russian paper, @kommersant , John Bolton suggests he believes there's "zero probability" the INF treaty can be saved. Says it would need not just Russia , but also China (which isn't part of the treaty) to give up about half its missiles
Russian Ministry of Defense allocates additional money to watch military cadets activity online
High-ranking officials of the Russian region of Dagestan issued health insurance to ISIS militants before they being sent to Syria - region chairman Vasiliev
RuAF Tu-154M Careless RA-85041 Moscow - Kaliningrad.3 月 前
RuAF Tu-154M "Careless" RA-85041 Moscow - Kaliningrad.
Russian Navy Baltic fleet Project 20380 corvettes SOOBRAZITELNY 531 and STOIKY 545 left Kaliningrad for a "long distance voyage" in the North Atlantic, accompanied by the oiler KOLA and KONETSKY, the inevitable tug.
[email protected], incoming head of Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he supports Trump's withdrawal from the INF Treaty: "The time has come to set the Treaty aside and develop alternative avenues toward the security the treaty once provided."
You can't play that game on me," @POTUS, leaving @WhiteHouse, said of Russia and non-adherence to the INF treaty.
@realDonaldTrump national security adviser @AmbJohnBolton says he told Russian counterparts that Russian meddling in U.S. elections hardly had any real effect
Bolton says U.S. has not taken decision to deploy missiles in Europe targeting Moscow if INF treaty is scrapped
John Bolton sits down for dinner with Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.
Russian foreign ministry says U.S. orchestrated unfair vote in Macedonian parliament
Bolton discussed weapons treaty, Syria, Iran, North Korea and counter-terrorism with Secretary of National Security council of Russia Patrushev
Russia pledges to act to 'restore' military balance if U.S. quits nuclear arms pact
Sound of shooting in Taganrog is domestic conflict, man detained. Situation is over
Explosion and gunshots reported at Shilo street in Taganrog. Russian Guard and emergency services are on the site
Two wounded as 16 y.o girl stabbed students of college during argument in Boksitogorsk of Leningrad region
Putin signed an order to impose sanctions against Ukraine
Stuntman killed in Kaluga region when tank hit him while filming a movie about World War 2
Meanwhile in Moscow, Kremlin says preparations for Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia continue.
Russian Orthodox Church demanded an apology from Constantinople for a decision on Ukraine
Kommersant publishes investigation about Sergey Sokolovsky, ex-guard of Boris Berezovsky, founded "a business" to shutdown other enterprises under counter-terrorism purposes(planted explosives, weapons and call police). Sergey Sokolovsky also created a video with "Ukrainian pilot who shot down MH17" and sold it to Russian channels for $10000. Created fake "Ukrainian terrorists network"
The INF Treaty is vitally important for Europe's security. Russia needs to answer allegations that it has violated the agreement – however the announcement by the US to withdraw from it is regrettable, stresses Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas
PM Medvedev on Russian-Belgian talks: Very productive dialogue in friendly atmosphere, discussion on a wide range of bilateral, multilateral, economic, political and security issues.
Ukraine MFA shares Trump position on INF treaty
Russian politician and opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov doubts real reasons behind blogger Anton "dolboed" Nosik death and other suspicious deaths, after Novaya Gazeta investigation that reveals Sergey "skobars" Tikhonov from Pskov died, not from heart attack, but assassinated with poison by Amelchenko
3 月 前
Russian serviceman accidentally shot and killed in Chechnya during training
Lavrov: Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States on Syria
Kremlin says world 'more dangerous' if US pulls out of Cold War-era nuclear treaty
Kremlin: Russia will not be the first to attack anyone
France's Macron told Trump that nuclear pact with Russia is key to Europe's security
Bolton and Patrushev started meeting in Moscow
Russian Army contingent in Pakistan to participate in Pak-Russia joint training exercise 'Druzhba-III.
Novaya Gazeta published investigation on Valeriy Amelchenko, alleged hitman, who worked on Evgeny Prigozhin(Wagner PMC). Due to agreement with Valeriy Novaya Gazeta has right to publish his story after 20 October "if something happened with him". He disappeared on 2 Oct, at least kidnapped, or killed
3 月 前
Moscow will regard military attack on Belarus as attack on Russia - Envoy
The paratroopers of the Russian and Egypt carried out a large-scale landing in the framework of the joint military exercise "Defenders of Friendship-2018".
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