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23 1月 2019
The 4 Russian GRU agents thrown out by the Dutch last April were not mounting a cyber attack on the OPCW, but instead carrying out "a routine mundane check" to verify the security of the Russian embassy phone lines, the Russian ambassador to Hague says.
3 月 前
Moscow doesn’t doubt the veracity of the story told by Petrov and Boshirov - Russian ambassador to London
Bolton will go to trip to Russia, Azerbaijan, Armeniya and Georgia on 20 October
Russian Amb in London Yakovenko: @bellingcat is a tool of the "deep establishment" with links to intelligence, including financial links
Russian ambassador to UK Alexander Yakovenko giving a press conference where he says news published in British press citing "sources" from "authorities" is mostly "fake".
3 月 前
KCNA: "Kim Jong Unsent a message of greeting to Putinthe message sincerely wished the Russian president success in his responsible work for building powerful Russia and realizing international justice."
Russian state media: Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) militants in Syria are digging "new trenches around the key town of Kabani" in northern Syria's Latakia province, apparently refusing to withdraw from the area.
Around 100 people took to the streets in Kaspiysk, a coastal city in the Russia​n Republic of Daghestan, to protest development in the city centre. Activists were demanding that Mayor Mahammad Abdullayev not approve amendments to the city's master plan.
The @PACE_LegalHR Committee has again urged Russia to release all Ukrainian citizens detained on its territory or in Crimea on "politically motivated or fabricated charges".
Putin to visit Serbia in January
Magas, Ingushetia today: Thousands on the streets for Friday prayers. Demonstrations growing in strength with people arriving continuously.
Russia is not a party to the conflict [in the east of Ukraine], so it can only express regret because of Kyiv’s steps that lead to tensions,” Peskov answered on Poroshenko’s permission to return fire from all available weapons in the Donbas.
Lukashenko: Mogylev is more Russian city than Belarusian
Peskov: Kremlin is deeply concerned about Ecumenical Patriarchate decision on Ukrainian Church
A banner from the ongoing protest in Magas, Inghusetia, southern Russia. The banner reads: I don't agree I won't transfer [land to Chechnya]
Presidents Putin and Lukashenko arrived at forum in Mogylev
Moscow: Kosovo Serbs can count on Russian support
3 月 前
The Russian Defense Ministry: The Ministers of Defense of Russia and Uzbekistan have signed an agreement on the use of the airspace of countries by military aircraft. On the eve of Sergei Shoigu arrived in Tashkent, where today is a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Defense of CIS
The head of Ingushetia has promised not to disperse an agreed weekly rally against the land deal with Chechnya, because "a forceful [decision] will not give anything"
Russian President Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump could meet in Paris on Nov. 11 if both leaders take part in the same event to commemorate the end of World War One, RIA news agency cited the Russian foreign ministry as saying on Friday.
Commander of eastern district of Rosguard general-colonel Igor Grudnov has died
Big fire at coal mining company in Buryatiya
The territorial dispute between Ingushetia and Chechnya has been artificially provoked and is being maintained from outside, said Akhmed Gisaev, the head of the Human Rights Analysis Centre.
OSCE SMM Report 10 Oct: An SMM long-range unmanned aerial vehicle again spotted vehicles moving on a dirt road towards the border with the Russian Federation where there are no border crossing facilities in a non-government-controlled area of Donetsk region.
3 Il-76: RF76747, RF76743, RF76739 from Tahanrog to Krymsk
Moscow Church promises "harsh response after Constantinopol actions concerning Ukraine". Meeting of Moscow Church is scheduled for 15th of October
3 月 前
Russian Strategic aviation continues activity: at least 5 aircrafts in last hour
Russian army nuclear war training: Tu-160 strategic bomber
Russian army nuclear war training video: preparations at nuclear submarine
Russian army nuclear war training: Tu-22M3 bomber
Russian army nuclear war training: launch of missile by Pacific Fleet
Nuclear war training in Russia: Tu-95MS
Russian army strategic forces held drill with nuclear triad, and missile attack alert system
11 killed when a bus collided with a truck in Chuvashiya
Russian Strategic aviation airborne
Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov resigned
Russia to halt exports of light and heavy oil products, LPG to Belarus from Nov until end of 2019 - two russian govt sources
Belarus and Russia signed indicative balance-sheets on supply of oil products to Belarus in 2018-2019. Demand of Belarusian processing companies should be fully satisfied, shady re-export schemes – prevented.
Russian investigative committee opens criminal case over violation of safety rules in construction works following Soyuz spacecraft's crash.
First pictures of Soyuz with 2-man crew on board after forced landing in Kazakhstan3 月 前
First pictures of Soyuz with 2-man crew on board after forced landing in Kazakhstan
3 月 前
Zabaikalie governor resigns
FSB detained "chief of Russian branch" of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Tatarstan
Colonel of SVR(Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia) Sergei Solovyev founded dead in his apartment in Moscow. He was hit by a car, but refused of medical assistance
Governor of Kursk region has resigned
Russian deputy foreign minister Karasin declined invitation of Georgian government to carry out site inspection of biological laboratory in Tbilisi in order "not to legitimize" it. Russian government prefers to spread disinformation about it instead.
Russian coast guard detained 2 Ukrainian fishermen in Azov Sea "for poachering"
Joint Armenian-Russian military drill ongoing in Armenia.
Photos of astronaut Hague and cosmonaut Ovchinin after their aborted launch today
Soyuz crew members are on board helicopter on their way back to Baikonur Cosmodrome
Russia says it is suspending manned space launches until an investigation into what went wrong with its Soyuz booster rockets is completed.
Rescuers have reached the landing site in Kazakhstan where the Soyuz crew have made the emergency landing, the crew are out of the Soyuz capsule and are reportedly in 'good condition'.
#SoyuzMS10: Landing site reported near the Kazakh town of Dzhezkazgan, a familiar staging point for normal Soyuz re-entries and landings
OPCW: Outrageous that Russia and Syria are trying to undermine work of FFM on CW use in Syria
3 月 前
Russian and US astronauts alive, landed in Kazakhstan and made a radio contact
3 月 前
Soyuz MS-10 crew landed safely
Search and rescue teams are in the air and heading towards the expected touchdown location for the Soyuz spacecraft returning to Earth carrying two crew members.3 月 前
Search and rescue teams are in the air and heading towards the expected touchdown location for the Soyuz spacecraft returning to Earth carrying two crew members.
3 月 前
"The crew will not be going to the International Space Station today," NASA says. Search and rescue crews pre-staged for recovery efforts.
3 月 前
NASA: Soyuz in a ballistic descent after booster failure shortly after first stage separation.
The problem occurred as the first and second stages of the Soyuz rocket separated. Mission control in Houston confirms that the crew will be attempting a ballistic reentry. A sharp descent that will hopefully allow them to land downrange.
"There has been an issue with the booster and we are standing by for more information," NASA says.
Failure during SoyuzMS10 launch3 月 前
Failure during #SoyuzMS10 launch
3 月 前
No response from the Soyuz crew for the last few minutes. No information about the status of the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft.
This was the failure point, came at staging. Crew got shook around. Then said they were feeling weightlessness.3 月 前
This was the failure point, came at staging. Crew got shook around. Then said they were feeling weightlessness.
LAUNCH. Soyuz FG launches with Soyuz MS-10 to the ISS.
US Senators Ron Johnson (R) and Chris Murphy (D) tabled bill that would allocate $1 billion to American companies to help with energy diversification efforts in select European countries to reduce their energy dependence on Russia.
Launch of a NASA astronaut and a Rosocosmos cosmonaut to the Intl. Space Station3 月 前
Launch of a NASA astronaut and a Rosocosmos cosmonaut to the Intl. Space Station
3 月 前
KCNA: "Choe Son Hui, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK visiting Russia, held three-party negotiations in Moscow on Tuesday with Kong Xuanyou, vice foreign minister of the People's Republic of Chinaand Igor Morgulov, vice foreign minister of the Russian Federation."
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