Map. History of Russia conflict

15 August 2018
In 'victims of communism" statement, WH pledges to shine "light of liberty for all who yearn for a brighter, freer future."
Bill Browder:: Lithuanian Parliament passes Magnitsky Act in second reading 78-1 (5 abstentions). One more reading to go before it becomes law
"As for the Ukraine amendment, excellent work." - Carter Page to Trump campaign officials during the GOP convention.
Russia "entered into 2 domains that we created and beat us on our own stage" warns @selectedwisdom at @CSIS
"The reason the Russian active measures worked when the Soviet's didn't is that they have money and engage in the economic space" per Watts
Russia "good at leveraging these populations to do their bidding for them" @selectedwisdom tells @CSIS
"If we want to deal with Russia disinformation,we do need someone at a leadership level in the US to say this is our strategy" per Clint Watts
"Not equating an imperfect free press with a perfect deception campaign so that the press does have legitimacy" could help, per @GenMhayden
"There are a lot of non-governmental institutions that might be very well positioned to do a lot of the lift here" per @GenMhayden
"That's going to be authoritarians. It's going to be global corporations that aren't regulated" per @selectedwisdom
9 month ago
Wave of bomb threat evacuations hits Russia again, in Moscow, Ufa, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Omsk, Penza and Tyumen.
Russia info ops playbook "going to be copied by everybody who has resources, who has access and who has time" warns @selectedwisdom
"Even beyond, we're seeing it in Myanmar" with social media co's per @selectedwisdom "That is another lick your chops moment if you're Russia"
"This is a great opportunity [for Russia] to win influence and use that information playbook" per @selectedwisdom re PersianGuf
"I would imagine they [Russia] have a big smile on their face in the Persian Gulf right now" per @selectedwisdom
"If they [Russia] want to dive into a campaign the decision point is they start a hacking campaign for kompromat" per @selectedwisdom
"if you want to know where [Russia] is going1st thing I look for is where are RT and Sputnik news outlets going" per @selectedwisdom
"No one had the information warfare responsibility" per @selectedwisdom adds of difficulties in countering Russia info ops
In 2014 saw what ISIS was doing but what Russia was doing was beyond that, per @selectedwisdom "I was almost admiring the audacity"
"We have lost consistently in the open source/unclass battlefield going from militants to Russia" @selectedwisdom tells @CSIS
@GenMhayden at @CSIS: This is not just cyber-it's information dominance, "Doctrinally we've trained ourselves not to think that way"
Gen Michael Hayden: "They took one of the most clearest acts of aggression in the last decade-the shoot down of a Malayasian airliner by a Buk missile"
Russia all in on "information dominance” per @GenMhayden “Saw the result..information domain cover for the little green men in Ukraine"
Carter Page wanted Trump to give a landmark speech in Russia as a presidential candidate
9 month ago
Russia claims to have killed 54,000 fighters in Syria in two years, of whom 3,000 were from Russia.
9 month ago
The share of Russia modern weapons in ground, air and sea strategic nuclear forces has been brought to 74% - General Staff
9 month ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin: Hot spots and conflict areas have become for some just lucrative businesses
9 month ago
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants committed a total of 13 ceasefire violations yesterday, UAF returned fire in 8 cases.
9 month ago
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no losses yesterday despite the fact Russian proxies continued using Minsk-proscribed weapons.
9 month ago
Russia's Nuclear Forces can inflict 'unacceptable damage' on any aggressor - @mod_russia
Parade at Red Square for 100 years of Russian revolution9 month ago
Parade at Red Square for 100 years of Russian revolution
9 month ago
The increase in protest activity in Russia is linked to the pre-election period - Peskov - RIA.
Philippines President Duterte attests to the durability of Russian trucks because of his experience with Russian vehicles as mayor of Davao City
President of the Philippines Duterte mistakenly thanks President Putin of the Soviet Union for donating armaments to the Philippines
9 month ago
Russia to finish building two "major military facilities" in the Arctic by the end of the year - Shoigu - RIA.
9 month ago
Trump: We call on China and Russia to work to end North Korea's threat and stop its missile program
9 month ago
Trump: Russia and China should demand Pyongyang's regime to end its nuclear program
Chief of Russian Ministry of Internal affairs says that foiled New York-style attack in Moscow. Kyrgyz man driving Kamaz detained9 month ago
Chief of Russian Ministry of Internal affairs says that foiled New York-style attack in Moscow. Kyrgyz man driving Kamaz detained
An-2 plane crashed in Amurskaya oblast, one of pilot killed
Carter Page on why he went to Russia even if it might not be a great idea: “Because I was trying to live my life”
9 month ago
In Finland, Mattis backs creation of hybrid warfare center heavily focused on Russia.
9 month ago
The ParadisePapers reportedly show how state-run Russian companies funded large investments in Twitter and Facebook
Judge does not change conditions of release for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, but is "inclined" to end home confinement at later date.
Kadyrov urges Zyuganov to apologize for the words of Lenin
9 month ago
Ekho Moskvy radio host returns to work after suffering stabbing attack
In St.Peterburg detained activists of "Drugaya Rosiya" for banner
Russian Twitter support for Trump began shortly after he started campaign—in June 2015
9 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan to visit Russia, Kuwait on November 13, 14
9 month ago
Turkey’s President @RT_Erdogan scheduled to visit Russia on November 13th.
Veselnitskaya said Trump Jr requested financial documents showing that money that allegedly evaded US taxes had gone to the Clinton campaign
Manafort fell asleep in key Trump Tower meeting, Veselnitskaya says
Russian lawyer from Trump Tower meeting tells @business Trump Jr said Magnitsky Law could be re-examined under Trump
9 month ago
ATO spox: Last week, Russia delivered to militants 4140 tons of fuel and 450 tons of ammunition in 84 railroad cars.
9 month ago
ATO spox: According to intelligence data, pro-Russian militants lost 10 men killed and 24 men wounded last week.
9 month ago
ATO spox: Russian proxies committed a total of 23 ceasefire violations yesterday, wounding two Ukrainian servicemen in action.
9 month ago
ATO spox: 1/3 Donetsk sector – Russia-backed militants attacked Vodiane and Talakivka with IFVs, light weapons, and 82mm and 120mm mortars.
9 month ago
ATO spox: 1/3 Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed 10 ceasefire violations, used Minsk-proscribed 120mm mortars near Novotoshkivske.
9 month ago
Russian President Putin sends Trump condolences over Texas shooting
Bell-407 helicopter crashed in Tatarstan. Pilot killed
Bell-407 helicopter crashed in Tatarstan. Pilot killed
9 month ago
TASS: Zyuganov: The collapse of the USSR was caused by external pressure and internal treachery.
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