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20 Juin 2019
MP @JoseAGuerra "We get information from officials of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV): an airplane arrived from Moscow, in which they intend to extract at least 20 tons of gold, and we demand from the BCV details of what is happening. That gold is not of Calixto Ortega, it is of the Venezuelan people"
4 mois il y a
Russia's Lukoil, one of PdVSA's main suppliers of oil products, froze its contract with Venezuela today. Moscow Corp. not prepared to risk ban from U.S. financial system for Maduro.
Defense Ministry: MiG-31BM high-speed fighters will start patrolling the Arctic
4 mois il y a
Russian, Armenian PMs Speak By Phone After Moscow Meeting
"We know Russia has violated the terms of that [INF] treaty and has that capability" per @ODNIgov Coats "Whether we withdraw or not, they're still going to have that capability re: intermediate range nukes
4 mois il y a
Russia has made a secret offer to North Korea for a nuclear power plant, inserting itself into the high-states nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang.
Asked about what was discussed between Trump and Putin in their private meetings, DNI Coats said the topic was "clearly a sensitive issue", best discussed in a closed setting later this afternoon.
Roger Stone pleads not guilty to charges of lying to Congress, obstruction in Russia probe
"La Russie prend des mesures pour influencer les élections en Ukraine, en utilisant divers outils pour exploiter l'économie fragile de Kiev, la corruption généralisée, les cyber-vulnérabilités, le mécontentement public dans l'espoir de chasser Porochenko et de mettre au pouvoir un parlement moins anti-russe" - Dan Coats 
Russia using social media to target US, per @FBI Dir. Christopher Wray "Not only have the Russians continued to do it in 2018 but we've seen indications that they're continuing to adapt their model and that other countries taking a very interested eye in that approach"
Space threats - "China and Russia will continue training and equipping their military space forces and fielding new anti-satellite weapons" warns @ODNIgov Dir Dan Coats "Space has become the new global frontier"
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov says about the situation in Venezuela that the USA tried an illegal government change.4 mois il y a
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov says about the situation in Venezuela that the USA tried an "illegal government change".
Pentagon official James Anderson confirms US will pull out of INF next month if Russia doesn't rerun to compliance "but I don't believe they will do so."
4 mois il y a
Le politicien d'opposition ukrainien Medvedchuk, connu pour ses opinions pro-russes et ses liens étroits avec Poutine, a proposé de créer une région autonome du Donbass en Ukraine 
"Nous espérons que la Russie poursuivra sa guerre de l'information contre les démocraties et utilisera les médias sociaux pour tenter de diviser nos sociétés", a déclaré Coats, citant l'attaque russe contre les navires de guerre ukrainiens comme signe de la volonté de Moscou de violer les normes internationales 
"The Kremlin is stepping up its campaign to divide Western political and security institutions and undermine the post-WWII int'l order" per DNI Coats
"Russia's approach relies on misdirection and obfuscation as it seeks to destabilize and diminish our standing in the world" warns @ODNIgov Dir Dan Coats
La Corée du Nord, la Syrie, la Russie et l'Etat islamique ont tous utilisé des armes chimiques au cours des deux dernières années, selon DNI Coats. 
DNI Coats: We expect Russia and China to exploit the situation in Venezuela to control the oil sector there
Threats to United States "will expand and diversify in the coming year, driven in part by China and Russia as they respectively compete more intensely with the United States and its traditional allies and partners" per @ODNIgov's latest Worldwide Threat Assessment
4 mois il y a
"They said to me, 'Don't touch Oleg Deripaska anymore.'" @CNN speaks to a recently freed Nastya Rybka, who says Russian agents "explained to me very clear(ly) what should I do, what should I say and what I shouldn't say."
Russian Ministry of Defense: commanders of Southern Military District will be trained on new methods of repelling missile strikes and UAV attacks
4 mois il y a
Kremlin: We warn of the very negative effects of any military intervention in Venezuela
A @planetlabs image captured this morning over Vladivostok in far eastern Russia. The Amur Bay is fairly frozen, but the port facing Ussuri Bay is still able to move petroleum products. This morning, a US-sanctioned North Korean tanker popped up. AIS was offline for a year.
4 mois il y a
Lavrov: Washington and its allies are trying through sanctions to confiscate Venezuelan funds
4 mois il y a
Russia's foreign minister says it will take all necessary steps to support Venezuela leader Maduro
4 mois il y a
Russia accuses the United States of violating international law on Venezuela
One Russian paper: Moscow should grant Maduro asylum: He's used to palm trees, so the cold Moscow winter isn't ideal. But it's better than a warm prison cell in Caracas. Another paper blames falling incomes in Russia on Moscow bankrolling regimes like Maduro.4 mois il y a
One Russian paper: Moscow should grant Maduro asylum: "He's used to palm trees, so the cold Moscow winter isn't ideal. But it's better than a warm prison cell in Caracas." Another paper blames falling incomes in Russia on Moscow bankrolling "regimes" like Maduro.
4 mois il y a
Le nouveau plan Donbass de Saidik vise à établir un contrôle sur la région - source au ministère russe des Affaires étrangères 
4 mois il y a
La russe @kommersant écrit que cette opération militaire de l'armée syrienne a pour but de renvoyer Idleb (totalement ou partiellement) sous le gouvernement. le contrôle est essentiellement fait affaire. La Turquie donnera probablement le feu vert. La question concerne uniquement les paramètres de l'opération et ce que les Turcs obtiendront en retour 
4 mois il y a
Russian Southern Military District guards motor rifle brigade exercise with newly formed spearhead airmobile troops to capture a bridgehead. Lifted with 120mm mortars.
L'envoyé spécial russe en Syrie, Aleksandr Lavrentiev, et le vice-ministre russe des Affaires étrangères, Sergueï Versinine, se sont entretenus avec des responsables israéliens de la situation dans la région dans le cadre du retrait américain de la Syrie.
Mysterious Nordwind Airlines civil flight is on its way from Moscow to Caracas. - @novaya_gazeta4 mois il y a
"Mysterious Nordwind Airlines civil flight" is on its way from Moscow to Caracas. - @novaya_gazeta
Second Roman Abramovich biz (LX-GVI g650) incoming TLV from St. Petersburg4 mois il y a
Second Roman Abramovich biz (LX-GVI g650) incoming TLV from St. Petersburg
4 mois il y a
Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia still on agenda - Morgulov
4 mois il y a
U.S. has not yet officially notified Russia of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan - deputy FM
Roman Abramovich's private 767 a/b just landed TLV from Moscow P4-MES, pic: Aleksandr Markin4 mois il y a
Roman Abramovich's private 767 a/b just landed TLV from Moscow P4-MES, pic: Aleksandr Markin
4 mois il y a
Lavrov, Zarif discuss Venezuela in telephone call - Russian foreign ministry
Citizen of Kyrgyzstan Husnud Zaynabidinov was detained and tortured in case of "Magnitogorsk gas explosion", - his wife told Radio Svoboda. Head of community of Central Asia political immigrants says police increased checks
4 mois il y a
Le commandant des forces de l’opération interarmées Naev fait état de préparatifs militaires intenses des forces russes dans les zones occupées et les régions limitrophes de l’Ukraine
Former head of the corporation that built the "Vostochnyi" spaceport was found dead
Des officiers de police du district militaire du Sud se sont rencontrés au Daghestan après leur retour de Syrie
4 mois il y a
The Western intelligence community is studying the scenarios of possible military conflicts in different regions of Russia, one of them at the Volga region, said Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov at a board in Tatarstan.
4 mois il y a
Kremlin spox: Russian military instructors have been working in Sudan for quite some time; it's all legit and legal, but I'm not going into any more detail.
4 mois il y a
Kremlin: Moscow has not contacted and does not plan to contact Guaidó
Photos reportedly from a Russian Su-35S meeting a pair of US FA-18s in the Far East, presumably over the Sea of Japan(East Sea).
4 mois il y a
Des hackers russes ont envoyé des courriels à des électeurs ukrainiens avec des cartes de vœux, des invitations à faire des achats, des mises à jour de logiciels et d'autres supports de "phishing" destinés au vol de mots de passe et d'informations personnelles. 
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