3 دسامبر 2023
Secretary of Defense: Just since Feb 24th — when Putin launched his unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine — the U.S. has committed over $1.7b in security assistance to Ukraine. We will continue to work around the clock to fulfill Ukraine's priority security assistance requests
1 year ago
In a new video, Ukraine defense minister @oleksiireznikov calls for countries to stop sending old Soviet weapons, and instead send "weapons used by NATO countries," to "send a powerful signal to Russia that it will not succeed in depleting the Ukrainian army
EU ambassadors have agreed on the 5th sanctions package on Russia. should be published in the EU official journal tomorrow
1 year ago
Novaya Gazeta editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov was just attacked on a train in Russia by a man who threw paint at him, possibly damaging his eyesight
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed today that the US is providing intelligence to help Ukraine carry out attacks against Russian forces. "We are providing them a intelligence to conduct such operations in the Donbas," Austin said
1 year ago
Kremlin spokesman admits that Russia had "significant losses of troops" in Ukraine
1 year ago
Iran FM @Amirabdolahian, in phone conversation with Serbia FM, said that China, Russia and E3 have had positive stances in the path of reaching an agreement in Vienna. He added that EU, in particular @JosepBorrellF and @enriquemora_, have played an active role in ViennaTalks
مونته نگرو از اخراج 4 دیپلمات روسی خبر داد
More than 30 countries providing Ukraine "weapons and systems" to use against Russia, says @SecBlinken, speaking from @NATO HQ
سازمان ملل با 93 رای موافق، 24 رای مخالف و 58 رای ممتنع، تعلیق عضویت روسیه در شورای حقوق بشر را تایید کرد.
U.S. military's top officer: How Ukraine-Russia war ends is an 'open question'
1 year ago
Johnson describes Russian forces' attacks on civilians in Ukraine as a "systematic massacre" of innocents
Grass fire reported in Belgorod
"Perverted logic" for aggressor Russia to present itself as a victim, @SergiyKyslytsya tells UN General Assembly
.@DmytroKuleba nods to "long term implications" of sanctions, but "people are dying today. Their offensive is unfolding today. And we need steps which will stop Russia's war machine today. As long as this hasn't been done, we cannot speak about.full efficiency of sanctions"
Russian Investigative committee claims that explosion of arsenal in Belgorod region on 29th March was caused by 3 Tochka-U missiles launched from Ukraine and resulted in 8 servicemen wounded and destruction of 21 vehicles
Footage from Mariupol showing a Ukrainian BTR-4E APC attacking two Russian T-72 tanks from the rear with a 30mm cannon. Apparently, both tanks received serious damage1 year ago
Footage from Mariupol showing a Ukrainian BTR-4E APC attacking two Russian T-72 tanks from the rear with a 30mm cannon. Apparently, both tanks received serious damage
Switzerland has so far frozen some 7.5 billion Swiss francs ($8.03 billion) in funds and assets under sanctions against Russians to punish Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, government official Erwin Bollinger said on Thursday
1 year ago
Putin discussed war against Ukraine with Russian Security Council
1 year ago
Finland Minister of Economic Affairs: "We acquired a joint floating LNG carrier with Estonia. This was agreed between Finland and Estonia yesterday. In this way, we will secure the gas needs of industry if gas imports from Russia are cut off”
1 year ago
Russian media watchdog introducing "Coercive measures against Google". To affect six of its services, including search and services of Google Play, YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Chat and Gmail
Statement of @G7 Foreign Ministers on Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine: "We condemn in the strongest terms the atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces in Bucha and a number of other Ukrainian towns."
European Parliament want immediate and full fossil fuel embargo against Russia
1 year ago
It's propaganda
Russian FM Lavrov rejects the idea to discuss Crimea and Donbas at peace talks between Putin and President Zelensky
1 year ago
Der Spiegel: German intelligence has radio recordings of Russian soldiers discussing atrocities against civilians in Bucha
1 year ago
Russian Prime Minister: The sanctions imposed on us are the largest in history
Russian vehicles destroyed/captured by the Ukrainian 53 mechanized brigade (location unknown)1 year ago
Unknown location
Russian vehicles destroyed/captured by the Ukrainian 53 mechanized brigade (location unknown)
Secretary Antony Blinken:The G7 is committed to holding President Putin to account for his unprovoked war of choice and ensuring he endures a strategic defeat in Ukraine
Shell has announced that it will write off between $4 and $5 billion in the value of its assets after pulling out of Russia following the country's unprecedented invasion of Ukraine
1 year ago
Head of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov warns that storages with oil products in Russia are almost full, so refineries could stop soon
1 year ago
More than 2/3 of the banking sector of Russianow under US sanctions, says @PressSec
European Union: New sanctions against Russia will not be the last
1 year ago
British worker at the UK embassy in Berlin charged with Russian spying offences
Biden: The Ukrainian army is fighting successfully because we trained them and gave them weapons
Biden: We will continue to provide Ukraine with weapons to defend itself, such as advanced drones, Javelin missiles, and others
In his speech to @NABTU, @POTUS says "we won't be able to advertise every piece of security we give" to Ukraine
He'll be signing an executive order that'll "ban any new U.S. investment in Russia," adds @POTUS
"Major war crimes" being committed by Russia in Ukraine, @POTUS tells @NABTU
US military official: Ukrainians are training to operate "Switchblade" drones
1 year ago
North Korea could be preparing to restart land trade with Russia on their shared border. Satellite imagery from recent weeks shows resumed work to upgrade a freight station, suggesting a resumption may be on the horizon
1 year ago
An unidentified Russian aircraft flying off the northern coast of Norway raised an alert among NATO officials, prompting a Norwegian fighter jet to lift off into the sky and investigate
US Deputy Secretary of State: We will hold Putin and his aides accountable, and we believe that Bucha is just the beginning of what we will see
Of the almost nearly 130 battalion tactical groups that the Russians applied to this invasion, the US still assesses that they still have "more than 80" BTGs inside Ukraine , according to a senior US defense official
U.N. will vote tomorrow to suspend Russia from its Human Rights Council
1 year ago
The UK has imposed a full asset freeze on Russia's largest bank Sberbank and committed to end all imports of Russian coal and oil by the end of 2022 in retaliation to Russia's continued invasion of Ukraine
Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov's wife and daughter also sanctioned by US
US Treasury Secretary: We will not participate in the G-20 meetings in Indonesia if Russia participates
US sanctions two Putin daughters and toughens penalties on Russia banks
Russian militants in Shyrokyne shelling Mariupol city with Grad rockets today1 year ago
Russian militants in Shyrokyne shelling Mariupol city with Grad rockets today
The US Department of Justice accuses Russian billionaire Konstantin Malofeyev of violating sanctions
These 3 young Belarusians were violently arrested by the police of dictator Lukashenka They were shot and abused. Their crime Being suspected of having sabotaged railway lines to prevent the Russian war effort.
Britain's @DefenceHQ intel releases satellite imagery of Buca Ukraine. "Imagery dated 21 March 2022 shows at least 8 bodies identified lying in a street in Bucha. Bucha was occupied by the Russian armed forces until 31 March 2022"
Slovenia declares 33 Russian diplomats persona non grata Move aims to act 'in harmony' with other EU countries, according to Foreign Ministry
1 year ago
The Kremlin: A phone call between Putin and the Hungarian prime minister on Ukraine
Stoltenberg: We must take into account the effects of Russian aggression and the new role of China in NATO's strategy
A Ukrainian Stugna-P ATGM operator hitting a Russian tank 3600 meters away somewhere in the east of the country1 year ago
A Ukrainian Stugna-P ATGM operator hitting a Russian tank 3600 meters away somewhere in the east of the country
1 year ago
Norway declares three Russian diplomats persona non grata
1 year ago
Germany is in confidential discussions with Kyiv about possible security guarantees it could offer Ukraine to ensure its safety after Russia's invasion, Chancellor Olaf Scholz told the Bundestag
Dmitry Medvedev announces a lot of assassinations of Ukrainians abroad and more denazification of Ukraine and the whole of Europe up to Lisbon1 year ago
Dmitry Medvedev announces "a lot of" assassinations of Ukrainians abroad and more "denazification" of Ukraine and the whole of Europe up to Lisbon
1 year ago
The Ministry of Finance of Russia announced that for the first time it fulfilled its obligations in Eurobonds to foreign holders (649.2 million euros) in Russian rubles. The payment was made in rubles due to the refusal of a foreign bank to execute orders in foreign currency. Foreign creditors will be able to convert rubles received on Russian Eurobonds into foreign currency no earlier than Russia will return access to frozen foreign currency reserves
1 year ago
Hungary is preparing to pay for Russian gas in Ruble: Hungarian Foreign Minister
1 year ago
State Duma speaker says head of LDPR party Zhyrinovsky has died
1 year ago
The Greek authorities declared 12 members of the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Russian Federation, which are accredited in Greece, as personae non gratae
Missiles launched over Belgorod this morning, possible air defense1 year ago
Missiles launched over Belgorod this morning, possible air defense
1 year ago
.@EU_Commission president Ursula @vonderleyen says "we have to look into oil" but did not mention gas
Students and teachers of all schools in the Belgorod region evacuated due to the bomb threats - the mayor of Belgorod
1 year ago
Russian Security Council: Calls to nationalize our companies abroad are like robberies
Drone video of trenches excavated by Russians in the Chernobyl radiation area1 year ago
Drone video of trenches excavated by Russians in the Chernobyl radiation area
1 year ago
Russian tax agents and police will enforce measures against foreign currency exchange black market
The EUCO president Charles Michel says that sanction measures on oil or gas will be needed "sooner or later"
1 year ago
Canada sanctions 9 more Russians including oligarchs: - Vladimir Potanin (NorNickel) - Leonid Michelson (NOVATEK) - Viktor Vekselberg (Renova) - Kirill Shamalov (Sibur) - Dmitry Pumpyansky (TMK)+his wife Galina - Vadim Moshkovich (Rusagro) - Alexandr Vinokurov (Marathon Group)
A man rammed his car into the gate of Russia's embassy in Bucharest, Romania. It is still unclear whether the crash was an accident or decapture. The driver died shortly after the incident
1 year ago
According to Kursk governor, border checkpoint Sudzha was shelled with mortar, Russian border guards had to return fire