Map. History of Russia conflict

19 Febrero 2019
3 mes atrás
The United States will soon officially announce withdrawal from the INF Treaty - Lavrov
3 mes atrás
Saliendo de Latakia AB, Siria Rusia Fuerza Aérea Rusa Tu154 RA85559 RFF7334
Russian oil production nears an all-time high
3 mes atrás
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Rusia: militantes de Nusra buscan socavar la implementación del acuerdo sobre Idlib
CSTO drill in Central Military District of Russia with Armenian and Tajikistan military3 mes atrás
CSTO drill in Central Military District of Russia with Armenian and Tajikistan military
Dodon: The ambassador of the Western state told me, “We don’t understand - in eight years we have invested $ 3 billion in Moldova, and you love Russia.” They will not understand that we have a connection that has developed over the centuries, that we have practically a common family and we value this
3 mes atrás
Jon Huntsman has cancer. "It's just stage 1," Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to Russia, told @jessehyde7. "So we'll probably get it taken care of, and we'll be fine."
3 mes atrás
Russia's government that economic sanctions against Ukraine could be tightened further
Putin today at meeting of Russian Orthodox Church3 mes atrás
Putin today at meeting of Russian Orthodox Church
3 mes atrás
Russian PM signs decree imposing sanctions on Ukraine affecting 322 individuals and 68 businesses
Russian Tu-160's today flight over North European seas3 mes atrás
Russian Tu-160's today flight over North European seas
Moldova's president says talks with Putin were a breakthrough Moldova is leaving the EU orbit more towards Russia and Turkey
3 mes atrás
Medvedev scoffed when asked if Russia had been preparing landing zones for military helicopters on Finnish islands.
Moscow today: Freedom to Russian and Ukrainian political prisoners3 mes atrás
Moscow today: Freedom to Russian and Ukrainian "political prisoners"
3 mes atrás
British Typhoon jets scramble to intercept Russian bombers
[email protected]: The NATO-Russia Council met in Brussels Wednesday. "Ambassadors had an open exchange on several topics" including Ukraine, reciprocal transparency/risk reduction, Afghanistan, hybrid challenges, exercises Trident Juncture 2018 and Vostok 2018, and the INF Treaty
A militant anarchist has blown himself up at an FSB building in Arkhangelsk in Russia. FSB officers are injured. The bomber was allegedly 17-years-old and sent a message to a Telegram group before the suicide bombing, declaring his intentions.
3 mes atrás
Russia plans first manned launch to ISS after accident on December 3: agencies
3 mes atrás
The Kremlin urged lawyers to continue discussing the issue of the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia
Suicide bombing in FSB building in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The suspect (in the photo) reportedly brought a bag to building entrance, which exploded in his hands killing him and injuring three FSB officials.
Russian counter-terrorism agency: man brought IED in bag and blown up at entrance of FSB HQ. Was killed on site, 3 FSB workers wounded
Explosion in Arkhangelsk: witness say "several people in blood". 1 killed, 3 wounded reported at this moment
3 mes atrás
Kremlin resettles to Crimea 108,000 Russian nationals to change demographics – Yelchenko
3 mes atrás
Russia is said to raise Oct. oil output to almost 11.41M B/D
2 FSB employees lightly wounded in blast in Arkhangelsk
Explosion at FSB HQ in Arhangelsk happened at metal detector between 1st and 2nd doors
Man killed as result of explosion near FSB HQ entrance in Arhangelsk
Mattis on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty: Russia is "now standing up multiple units that are armed with a weapon that is clearly a violationWe have done everything we can I think diplomatically, the diplomats are still trying"
SecDef Mattis dice que EE. UU. ha pedido a Rusia que apoye el Proceso de Ginebra en Siria. Eventualmente, lo mejor para Rusia es no mantener a Siria como "el caldero de violencia que es ahora".
3 mes atrás
Mattis declines to say what US will deploy in response to INF Treaty collapse. "That's a grave decision that the president will take council from all of us – and it will be up to President Trump. His views on nuclear weapons I think are pretty well known, that he hates them."
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