Alexei Navalny's coordinator in Kaliningrad, Yegor Chernyuk, spent last night in a police cell.

Map. History of Russia conflict

21 March 2018
6 day ago
Downing Street on PM's talks with @NicolaSturgeon
France fully backs NATO statement voicing solidarity with UK and concern over first offensive use of nerve agent on Alliance territory since NATO's foundation. ChemicalWeapons are "a threat to international peace and security"
Russian foreign ministry says "the British Government opted for confrontation with Russia our response measures will not be long in coming"
Russia's Lavrov never accepted invite, withdrawn, to visit Britain - Foreign Ministry
UN chief says use of nerve agent in Britain 'unacceptable'
Russian Foreign Ministry: Britain has chosen confrontation with Moscow
Russian upper house of parliament head says Russia will react to UK actions in a fast, tough and reciprocal way
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says he "hopes common sense will prevail" as he denies Russian involvement in the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal
UK will encourage the Trump administration to work together with Britain on the response to the nerve gas attack London blames on Russia, according to @theresa_may
UK Foreign Office tells Britons travelling to Russia to be aware of the possibility of anti-British sentiment or harassment
Moscow Orthodox Church concerned about May speech at Parliament
Russia to speed up deliveries of S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries to Turkey
Russian media report that @GazpromEN will move jobs from its offices in UK, US, France and other overseas locations and move them to the corporate HQ in St. Petersburg
We will look at security and protection of any UK football fans travelling to the World Cup in Russia - UK PM May
British Prime Minister advises citizens wishing to travel to Russia to review the British Foreign Office first
6 day ago
Russian Antifa activist flees to Finland after accusing the Federal Security Service (FSB) of torturing him
6 day ago
PM says decision on the future of RT is for Ofcom
Mrs May has acted, quite rightly, against Russia. Not that it will make any difference says @Nigel_Farage
Russia's foreign ministry has responded to May's criticism of Lavrov with this sick burn: "Your minister is Boris Johnson"
The Russian embassy in Britain says the London decision to expel Russian diplomats is hostile, unacceptable and unjustified
Moscow: The British prime minister has no right to judge Russia in the spy case
"The wealth of the Putin family should be exposed" says @TomTugendhat
Russia "would have responded to the deadline if it had known it was innocent" points out Julian Lewis MP
PM May: We are taking this matter to the UN. It will be part of an open discussion taking place tomorrow. This is not just about the incident that has taken place in the UK, it's about the use of chemical weapons
Russia's Foreign Ministry tells local news agencies that its official response is imminent
North Atlantic Council of @NATO will meet for a consecutive day tomorrow, PM says. This is a clear indication of gravity with which allies are treating Russia's attack on UK using chemical weapons
6 day ago
Ian Blackford for @theSNP says has to be robust response to use of "terror on our streets". Welcomes measures announced by PM.
PM May: This is not a question of our diplomacy. This is a question of the culpability of the Russian state on our soil We have a consensus with our allies
While Theresa May was announcing the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats, providing reaction on Russian TV was Andrei Lugovoi: the man who, Britain concluded, poisoned Alexander Litvinenko.
UK PM May: This is not just an act of attempted murder this is an affront to the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons
PM May: We will not tolerate such a flagrant breach of Russia's international obligations I will speak to other allies in the coming days
UK PM May: It is not in our interests to break off all communication with Russian federation but this relationship cannot be the same
UK PM May says UK government will include Magnitsky-type amendments to sanctions bill; increase checks on Russians coming into UK; consider new anti-espionage legislation, among other measures
PM May: While our response must be robust, it must remain true to our values. Many Russians have made this their home but to those who seek to do us harm my message is simple - you are not welcome here
PM May: We will make full use of existing powers to track those travelling to the UK who could threatening security of UK. We will increase checks on freight and flights
May says we will suspend all high-level planned bilaterals with Russia, will revoke Lavrov meeting in UK
May says will freeze Russian state assets wherever we have evidence of a threat
6 day ago
PM says high-level bilateral contacts to be suspended. No ministers or royal family members going to World Cup.
UK PM May: Through these explusions, we will degrade Russian intelligence. If they seek to rebuild it, we will prevent them from doing so
PM May: "No attendance by Ministers or members of the Royal Family to this summer's World Cup"
6 day ago
PM: Many Russian abide by our laws and play an important part. But to those do harm, PM says: "You are not welcome here"
PM May: It was right to allow the Russian govt to provide an explanation but they have given no credible explanation. No explanation as to why Russia has an undeclared nuclear weapons programme instead they have treated this with sarcasm, contempt and defiance
"Either this was a direct act by the Russian state against our country, or conceivably the Russian government could have lost control of a military grade nerve agent" - @Theresa_May on Salisbury
6 day ago
PM seeking new legislative powers to harden defence, including power to detain those suspected of hostile activity at the border
6 day ago
PM says 23 Russian diplomats to be expelled. Given a week to leave. Biggest expulsion for 30 years.
UK PM May says Russia's response has show complete disdain, offered no explanation for undeclared chemical weapons program in contravention of law
Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats as part of a range of measures in response to the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury
6 day ago
PM: Must come together with allies to defend our security
UK PM May: "We've agreed immediate actions to dismantle the Russian espionage network in the UK"
UK PM May on Russian poisoning: "It must be met with a full and robust response."
6 day ago
PM says Russia has shown defiance and contempt. Concludes Russian state responsible for attempted murder.
PM says Russian response shows disdain for seriousness of situation
Russia's response "has provided complete disdain for the gravity of these events" says PM May
6 day ago
PM statement on Salisbury response
Russia threatens to expel British media if UK bars Russia's RT over spy poisoning crisis
Russian ambassador to the UK has told the British Government's actions are "completely unacceptable" and "a very serious provocation"
NATO allies urged Russia to answer Britain's questions over the poisoning of an ex-spy with a nerve agent, calling the suspected attack a "clear breach of international norms"
The Russian Ambassador has left the UK Foreign Office and told to expect a response from Russia
"Britain should follow international law" says Russian Ambassdor
6 day ago
PM says more "significant" powers will be going to Edinburgh as part of the Brexit process; then manages to segue onto tax rates in Scotland
6 day ago
@IanBlackfordMP PM says amendments took time because they were talking to devolved admins about them (not mentioning that current changes weren't agreed)
We stand in solidarity with our @NATO Ally, the United Kingdom, in condemning the offensive use of a nerve agent on their territory. Russia must address UK questions and provide full disclosure of their chemical weapon program to @OPCW – @USAmbNATO
Britain summons Russian ambassador to Foreign Office - source
Russian Ambassador is currently in the UK Foreign Office
UK calls for 'urgent' UN Security Council meeting over nerve gas attack
NATO statement on Russian poisoning in UK
6 day ago
There it is. PM brings up Labour's record on NHS in Wales
6 day ago
Jeremy Corbyn raises case of cancer suffer resident in the UK being denied treatment. PM wants to look at case details before responding, but says more people being treated.
29 NATO Allies have just agreed a statement expressing full solidarity with the UK and offering support after the Salisbury attack – Stoltenberg
6 day ago
PM condemns sending of suspicious packages to Muslim MPs
UK Foreign Office says the UN Security Council will meet today to discuss the investigation into the nerve agent attack on former spy Sergei Skripal
6 day ago
V busy couple of hours about to start in the Commons. PMQs then a statement from the PM on response to Salisbury attack
Sky News: Britain to expel Russian diplomats
Sky Sources: Prime Minister Theresa May is to announce the expulsion of Russian diplomats as part of a range of measures in response to the nerve agent attack on former spy
The UK PM will announce the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the UK. Not as many as in 1971 but "significant" I'm told
The UK has called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to update Council members on the investigation into the nerve agent attack in Salisbury
President of the European Council Donald Tusk says waiting for suggestions from London before deciding common EU reaction to poisoning attack
Tusk: For real friends, this should be obvious: At a time of fake news spreading, meddling in our elections, and attacks on people on our soil with nerve agent, the response must not be transatlantic bickering but transatlantic unity
Tusk: I express my full solidarity with PM @theresa_may in the face of the brutal attack inspired, most likely, by Moscow. I'm ready to put the issue on next week's EUCO agenda
After spy is poisoned, Britain mulls closing door to London for Russia's rich
Russia's Lavrov says no progress made in stand-off with Britain
Russia rejects "ultimatums" over spy poisoning
6 day ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies attacked Luhanske with mounted grenade launchers and heavy machine guns and Zalizne with small arms and automatic grenade launchers. Donetsk sector – militants attacked Shakhta Butovka with small arms and shelled Pisky with 82mm mortars.
Kremlin says ties with US cannot get any worse under new Secretary of State
Only Russia could be behind U.K. poison attack: toxin's co-developer
The UK National Security Council is meeting to discuss the government's response to Russia
The Russian Embassy issues a *furious* and rambling press release slamming the @australian for its coverage of the Skripal case and "dirty anti-Russian lampoon" - "Let's leave on the conscience of Mr Romaniv his russophobic scum"
Alexei Navalny's coordinator in Kaliningrad, Yegor Chernyuk, spent last night in a police cell.
Motorised units held a counter-amphibious exercise on Kuril Islands. Motorised units carried out a march, equipped fire positions and organized coastal defence.1 week ago
Motorised units held a counter-amphibious exercise on Kuril Islands. Motorised units carried out a march, equipped fire positions and organized coastal defence.
Russian FSB says they have detained 60 ISIS supporters in Moscow region1 week ago
Russian FSB says they have detained 60 ISIS supporters in Moscow region
Russia's ministry of defense says Russia's top military officer, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, spoke with his US counterpart, Gen. Dunford about Syria, Tuesday, the same day Gerasimov threatened to target US forces in Syria if they retaliate against the government's use of chemical weapons1 week ago
Russia's ministry of defense says Russia's top military officer, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, spoke with his US counterpart, Gen. Dunford about Syria, Tuesday, the same day Gerasimov threatened to target US forces in Syria if they retaliate against the government's use of chemical weapons
1 week ago
Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: Not one person can come out in the parliament of their country and say, I give Russia 24 hours. What kind of conversation is that, anyway?
1 week ago
Interfax: Moscow calls on London not to speak in the language of ultimatums with a nuclear power.
1 week ago
Russian MFA vows to ban all the British media working in the country if Ofcom forces RT off UK airwaves
Tillerson says the work remains to be done in Syria, Iraq and relations with Russia.
Tillerson: Current trajectory of Russia "likely to lead to greater isolation."
Tillerson: "And much work remains to respond to the troubling behavior and actions of the Russian government."
1 week ago
A Downing Street spokesperson has said President Trump has told Prime Minister Theresa May during a phone call that the U.S. was "with the UK all the way" and the Russian government must provide "unambiguous answers as to how this nerve agent came to be used"
1 week ago
Nikolai Glushkov, a Russian émigré who the UK refused to extradite to Russia on fraud charges, died in his home in London, his Russian lawyer Andrei Borovkov told Echo Moscow radio. UK police calling the death "unexplained"
1 week ago
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on UK claim that Moscow could be behind russian double agent Skripal poisoning in Salisbury, London: "One should not threaten a nuclear power"
1 week ago
Russia foreign ministry spokeswoman, on London's claims that Moscow could be behind spy poisoning: one should not threaten a nuclear power
Met Police's Counter-Terror Command has launched investigation into unexplained death of a man who Sky News believes was Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov in New Malden in southwest London and says there is no evidence to suggest death is linked to spy poisoning in Salisbury
In St. Petersburg on the street of the "Narodnogo Opolcheniya(People's Militia) in one of the residential multi-storey buildings there was an gas explosion
1 week ago
Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov, a close associate of the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky, has been found dead at his home in London; no word on the cause of death - The Guardian
1 week ago
Media regulator Ofcom says it will look at whether Russia Today is "fit and proper" to have a broadcasting licence if Russia is shown to be behind spy poisoning
1 week ago
UK Police are appealing for information from people who saw Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in his red BMW car between 1pm and 1.45pm in Salisbury on Sunday 4 March
1 week ago
Senior UK police officer says at this stage not declaring a person of interest or suspect in poisoning of Russian spy
1 week ago
Sergei Skripal's daughter had arrived from Russia the day before she and her father were found collapsed on a park bench in Salisbury
1 week ago
Russia's foreign ministry says it has lodged an official protest with the British ambassador over "groundless" spy poisoning allegations and any threats of sanctions against Russia will not be left without response
1 week ago
Russia's foreign ministry says it will not respond to the UK government's midnight ultimatum until it is given samples of the nerve agent allegedly used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia
1 week ago
British accusations on spy poisoning 'attempt to discredit Russia': Moscow
1 week ago
Russia lodges diplomatic protest with UK over allegations of nerve gas attack
On the Salisbury spy poisoning, President Trump says "We will condemn Russia or whoever it may be" and will speak to Theresa May today
U.S. President Donald Trump says it sounds like British authorities believe Russia was behind the attack on former spy Sergei Skripal
"As soon as we get the facts straight" and if US agrees with UK on nerve gas attack "we will condemn Russia" or whoever is responsible says Trump
1 week ago
UK security chiefs to evaluate Russia response on Wednesday: spokesman
Putin arrived in Dagestan
Former @CIA director: Leadership of House Intel Committee has traded last vestige of integrity for politics. With other investigative shoes yet to drop, legislators who try to protect @realDonaldTrump will face November reckoning. Hopefully, bipartisan effort in Senate Intel Committee will endure
1 week ago
UK Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman says the National Security Council will consider Russia's response over the nerve agent attack tomorrow and will not make a comment before then
1 week ago
US ambassador to UK says Secretary of State Tillerson has called his British counterpart to discuss the nerve gas attack they both blame on Russia
1 week ago
The UK embassy in Russia says the ambassador was not summoned over the spy poisoning but had a pre-planned meeting with Russia's first deputy foreign minister Vladimir Titov
Last week, FBI agents appealed to the Thai authorities with a request for a meeting with Nastya Rybka, but were refused
Argentina "Cocaine case" - some things/suitcases(with cocaine) belongs to Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, Andrey Koval'chuk said so when sending them.
EU voices 'unwavering' solidarity with UK over nerve agent attack
The Russian attack on Britain must be discussed by EU leaders at the summit next week. We need a common European response to this outrage says @guyverhofstadt
1 week ago
The British Government is considering "a package of measures" against Russia, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says
1 week ago
UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd says police and security services will investigate allegations of Russian state involvement in a number of deaths in the UK
Increasing Russian deaths in Syria are causing anger in the North Caucasus. The death of an Ingush soldier in last week's plane crash provoked remarks such as "we need to bring our boys home, not have them die in some foreign fratricidal war."
In Novokuznetsk police detained a member of "Open Russia"
@PeterWilson statement to the OPCW EC87 'I did not expect to have to brief this Council on the first offensive use of a nerve agent of any sort on European territory since World War II'
1 week ago
Moscow summons British ambassador after accusations of poisoning Russian spy
1 week ago
ATO spox: Yesterday, Russia-backed militants committed 5 ceasefire violations wounding in action two Ukrainian servicemen. Ukrainian troops did not return fire.
1 week ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies attacked Novhorodske and Luhanske with small arms and heavy machine guns, used grenade launchers in the latter as well.
OFCOM statement on Russia Today1 week ago
OFCOM statement on Russia Today
Russian ex-spy poisoning 'extremely worrying': Global chemical weapons watchdog
Russia is innocent, Lavrov said about Skripal case. Russia has nothing to do with the attack, British allegations are nonsense, he said1 week ago
"Russia is innocent", Lavrov said about Skripal case. Russia has nothing to do with the attack, British allegations are "nonsense", he said
1 week ago
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia is demanding access to samples of the nerve agent that poisoned an ex-spy
1 week ago
Lavrov says he expects London to reply to Moscow's request to open up an investigation on Skripal's daughter
1 week ago
Russia 'not guilty' of poisoning, ready to cooperate: Lavrov
1 week ago
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia has no connection to Skripal's poisoning
1 week ago
Russia will not respond to the British ultimatum until London provides access to the toxic agent - MFA
1 week ago
Russia demands to give it access to Skripal case docs - Lavrov
1 week ago
The Times: "The man who exposed Sergei Skripal as an MI6 double-agent has been revealed as a Spanish spy who was later jailed for 12 years for handing secrets to the Russians"
The Ministry of Defense of Russia: Iskander-M missile unit of the Western Military district missile compound in the Leningrad Region carried out electronic missile launches at the most remote targets of the conventional enemy
Chief of Staff of Russian army holds meeting on Syria and ICBM Sarmat tests1 week ago
Chief of Staff of Russian army holds meeting on Syria and ICBM Sarmat tests
1 week ago
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: Traces of poisoning in Great Britain lead to Russia. If this is proven, then Russia is in the same company with North Korea, Syria and Iraq of Saddam Hussein, who also used chemical weapons. We are in solidarity with our allies and are ready to work with them.
1 week ago
Ex-chief of FSB Kovalyov points at any country of ex-USSR, especially Ukraine
1 week ago
Russian Federation council MP Klintsevich blames Ukraine or Georgia in supplying "Novichok" nerve agent
1 week ago
Determine the manufacturer and the substance that poisoned Skripal, in a week is impossible - Lugovoy
1 week ago
Russia claims to have completely destroyed all its reserves of Novichok.
1 week ago
MOSCOW: Russia will respond if the United States launches missile strikes against Syria
MP Degtyarev suggests introducing the term information war into Russian legislation.1 week ago
MP Degtyarev suggests introducing the term "information war" into Russian legislation.
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