Ukraine leader gives Putin condolences over plane crash: Kremlin

Map. History of Russia conflict

19 February 2018
@jensstoltenberg tells he did ask Turkish Defence Minister Canikli about Ankara's air-defense plans - in Russian S-400s it says it's buying - but their mtng focused more on increasing cooperation with Franco-Italian consortium whose equipment can be integrated into NATO's system
NATO won't confirm details on Russia's Iskander deployment in Kaliningrad, says @jensstoltenberg, but he calls on Russia to do it. What's obvious, he says, is that the area is increasingly militarized
20X Su-35S and Su-30M2 multi-role fighter jets have been conducting recon flights, detection of mock enemies and airstrikes on mock enemy convoys in Primorsky Krai bordering North Korea.
Former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev says at trial of Yanukovych that Putin quickly made the decision to annex Crimea after his helicopter made an emergency landing in Sochi. He thought foreign security services were trying to kill him.
Cossack ataman: "the bodies are sent to Saint Petersburg," which is also where hundreds of other dead and wounded Wagner have reportedly been sent. "There is a difference between what is being said to us, and what people are telling us first-hand."
Russian deputy foreign minister agrees at consultations in Tehran to closely coordinate bilateral stances to preserve JCPOA - Russian FM
Saudi King, Russian energy minister discuss rebalancing oil markets
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ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies committed 14 ceasefire violations, used 82mm and 120mm mortars near Popasna, Novozvanivka, and fired over 150 82mm, 120mm, and 122mm rounds Troitske. Four other locations came under hostile light weapons fire.
The Kremlin has warned journalists against reporting "unconfirmed" information about Russian fighters killed in Syria.
Ukraine leader gives Putin condolences over plane crash: Kremlin
"For the first time since the Vietnam war, there has been a direct confrontation between Russians and Americans." How today's Russian papers are reacting to reports that Russian mercenaries in Syria have been killed in an attack by the US-led coalition.
Bernie Sanders: One of the great crises we face is the rise of authoritarianism. Whether it's Putin, Trump, Duterte or Viktor Orban in Hungary, we are seeing attacks against freedom of the press, democratic election laws and an independent judiciary.
US Intelligence officials warn Congress that Russia is trying to interfere with 2018 elections
3 Democratic senators have introduced a resolution pushing Trump to use the new authority over Russia sanctions that Congress gave him
[email protected]'s @Dpol un tells UNSC that situation in Myanmar's Rakhine state is complex 'but overall it is under control,' warns against 'contradictory and subjective reports of the media'
Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Halbe Zijlstra has resigned, a day after admitting that he lied about attending a meeting hosted by Russian President Putin.
At Hoptivka checkpoint border guards seized radioactive material from citizen of Russia. Reportedly radioactive component of avionics part
Russian Ministry of Defense: Su-34 of Western Military District held bombing training in night-time and with EW measures "Khibina" to suppress air-defense
No single agency is "in charge," of dealing with Russian election meddling, DNI Coats says.
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DNI Coats says Russia views the 2018 midterm elections as potential for influence operations
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Belarusian president alarmed by unprecedented buildup of neighbors' militaries
Sources in General Staff of Russia confirmed to RBC that Hmeimim airbase on 31 Dec-1 Jan was attacked with UAVs, not mortars as Ministry of Defense claimed
Russian Ministry of Defense: Su-25, Su-25SM and Su-25UB on alert for training drill on Kuban'
Investigators say Russian plane crash may have been triggered by speed indicators failure.
Shikov Alexey from Nizhniy Novhorod (27 y.o) was killed near Deir-ez-Zur on 07 February, earlier fight at Donbas
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ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies committed 9 ceasefire violations, used 82mm and 120mm mortars near Krymske in three attacks and 82mm ones near Popasna, and used light weapons in five other localities.
[email protected] Hutchison says US is "trying" to stay in compliance with INF Treaty, but longstanding Russian violation means "there's a timetable". If the Kremlin doesn't dial back its missile program, she reminds, Trump Admin will move ahead with developing a similar capability
[email protected] Hutchison on Russian violations of INF Treaty: "There's a timetable here" and if Russia doesn't return to compliance, "there will be consequences and that's not in their interest or ours."
[email protected]: Our Allies want Russia to come into compliance with ALL of its international treaties and obligations, including INF Treaty. But that's a bilateral issues we hope we can resolve with Russia
I ask NATO's @jensstoltenberg about Turkey's controversial deal with Russia on Its S-400 air defense system. He says up to Turkey to provide details about status of that contract but also welcomes Ankara's talks with France and Italy about other air-defense capabilities
"In many countries of the world there is a significant number of our compatriots." - Putin's spox Peskov about the dead mercenaries in Syria
Putin and Trump discussed North Korea by phone on Monday: Kremlin
Kremlin spokesman Peskov responds to reports that Russian mercenaries were killed in Syria in battle with US-led coalition: "These reports require verification"
Alexei Navalny is suing Russian censor Roskomnadzor for adding his sites to the list of information that is banned in Russia.