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23 September 2018
Social media executives said that Russian-linked accounts began trying to interfere with the election in 2015.
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Papadopoulos had only 1 meeting with Pres Trump during campaign, says Sanders, and "played a minimal role - if one at all."
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Federal government "can't weigh in at this point" on Russia ads on social media, says @PressSec. (Hearing underway right now in Congress)
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Democrats colluded with Russia by "exchanging millions of dollars to create false information," asserts @PressSec.
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@PressSec Papadopoulos e-mails from @realDonaldTrump campaign provided to special counsel.
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"Most Americans don't care too much about" Russia investigation, says @PressSec, chastising reporters asking questions about it.
@RepMaxineWaters: Russian propaganda on Twitter is infiltrating fake news websites
In Nalchik, south Russia, police detained 12 protesters today while dispersing a protest rally over land use dispute
Russia's Sochi to host Syrian peoples congress on November 18: RIA cites source
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Director of Rosneft logistics department died reportedly falling from 12th floor office in Moscow
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Russian businessmen looking to invest in Afghanistan
[email protected]: Russia aims to strengthen coordination, friendly cooperation with China on global affairs under UN framework
[email protected]: Russia welcomes Chinese investment in oil, gas, agriculture, housing, and more in country's Far East and other regions
[email protected] said he was impressed by China's pace of growth, balance between economic development and cultural relics protection
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France's Macron accepts invite to visit Russia: RIA
Russian PM @MedvedevRussiaE chats with Chinese netizens via People's Daily Online on the sidelines of his visit to China
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Lavrov says 'not one piece of evidence' Russia interfered in US elections
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Russian news agency Interfax says foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has called allegations of Russian meddling in elections "fantasies"
Russia opens 50 thousand tons of Turkish tomatoes
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NYT: Manafort owes millions to his lawyers, leading some friends and biz partners to distance themselves.
"It is very distracting frequently" for @POTUS and the administration, says Chief of Staff Kelly of the Russia allegations.
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Asked about today's indictments during book signing in Chicago, Hillary Clinton says, "I have a great chapter about Russia" in her book.
CNBC has detailed chart of Manafort's transactions involving money allegedly laundered.
Along with indictments of Manafort and Gates, Mueller today unveiled his first guilty plea
Sen Jim Inhofe R-OK reserves comment on Manafort. "In the meantime, don't forget we still have all the Hillary activity"
Paul Manafort leaves District courthouse, dodging cameras and questions.
Global real estate investment firm @ColonyNorthStar says severing ties with ex Trump aide Rick Gates.
"Pres Trump was correct. There is no evidence that Mr. Manafortcolluded with the Russian Government." said Manafort atty Kevin Downing.
Manafort's attorney says his client's actions in Ukraine were "seeking to further democracy."
Part of indictment against @PaulManafort "ridiculous," says his attorney, adding no evidence of collusion with Russia.
@LCILP bio of alleged middleman between Trump campaign policy advisor Papadopoulos and Russia removed.
Gates' bail at $5 million. Both he and @PaulManafort to be under house arrest.
Bail for @PaulManafort set at $10 million.
Manafort associate Rick Gates "welcomes the opportunity to confront these charges in court," spokesperson says.
U.S. District Court for D.C. has four sealed cases in its docket with case numbers between Papadopoulos' (182) and Manafort's (201).
Papadopoulos has to stay within US, has surrendered his passport, is prohibited from contacting certain US individuals per court papers
WH said Papadopoulos acted alone on Russia. He says a campaign boss told him: "I would encourage you" to "make the trip.. if it is feasible"
Rick Gates was represented by a public defender before federal magistrate judge. Manafort repped by Kevin Downing.
Paul Manafort and Richard Gates enter pleas of "not guilty" to all counts during initial court appearance today.
@RepAdamSchiff: Today’s indictments of Manafort and Gates, and Papadopoulos’ guilty plea are key developments in Russia probe. Here’s why:
@RepAdamSchiff: Trump campaign was notified Russians had stolen emails as early as April 2016. May explain why they were eager to take Trump Tower meeting.
Sanders says the activities in the Manafort/Gates indictment took place “outside the scope" of the Trump campaign.
[email protected] says "last known conversation" between President Trump and Paul Manafort was in February.
[email protected] hasn’t spoken to Manafort in months, @PressSec says
Most of Manafort activities took place well before @realDonaldTrump campaign ever existed, declares @PressSec.
Campaign of @HillaryClinton colluded with @Russia to smear @realDonaldTrump, alleges @PressSec.
Chinese agency denies Russian teen died under ‘slave contract’
ISIS supporters aren't slowing down with threats and incitements to FIFA: Suggesting attacks on players attendants
Fox News is now running a segment targeting Robert Mueller.
Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort arrives at D.C. courthouse for initial court appearance.
Russia: Indian Navi Ship Satpura and Kadmatt left Vladivostok harbour after culmination of joint Indo-Russia military exercise Indra-2017, after 11 days
What Papadopoulos did after FBI interview:  Deleted his FB account with  Russian messages. Stop using his cell. Went to Dulles, and got arrested10 kuu tagasi
What Papadopoulos did after FBI interview: Deleted his FB account with Russian messages. Stop using his cell. Went to Dulles, and got arrested
RuAF strategic HF voice net active.
In Wisconsin radio interview, Speaker Paul Ryan says only about Manafort, "I really don't have anything to add"
@SenSanders: Russia’s attack on our democracy is of enormous consequence. Trump must not, in any way, try to derail or obstruct Mueller's investigation.
Statement says Papadopoulos informed the campaign and then-candidate Trump of Russian connection.
Statement says Russian figure was initially uninterested in Papadopoulos, changed mind when learning he was part of Trump campaign.
George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with an influential Russian. This is how it relates to the campaign.
Russian soldier accused by parents in Damascus of attempting to rape their daughter at Hamidiya market while drunk and with a weapon.
TASS: Contractor denies reports of lack of emergency exits at Samara World Cup stadium.
Trump White House: President's campaign chair bad behavior "not related to campaign."
Pelosi: "We still need an outside, fully independent investigation to expose Russia's meddling and the involvement of Trump officials."
No mention in indictment of @realDonaldTrump or his presidential campaign. Russia ties here through work for pro-Moscow Ukraine parties.
From 2006 to 2017 (pre-and post-campaign) Manafort "knowingly and intentionally conspired to defraud the U.S.," according to the indictment.
According to the indictment, about Manafort laundered $18,000,000:
Indictment alleges $75 mil.+ flowed through their accounts and @PaulManafort laundered $18 mil.+.
Charges also include conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of foreign principal, false statements.
Indictment details 12 counts against Manafort and Gates relating to fraud and money laundering between 2007-2018 involving work in Ukraine
Manafort indictment: money laundering during work for Yanukovych
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Following talks with Uzbek President Mirziyoyev and PM Aripov, Russian Deputy PM Rogozin says Moscow can help Uzbekistan develop defense industry.
The Ministry of Defence: air Refueling of Su-34 bombers from the aircraft tanker Il-78 in  Western Military district10 kuu tagasi
The Ministry of Defence: air Refueling of Su-34 bombers from the aircraft tanker Il-78 in Western Military district
Paul Manafort has arrived at FBI HQ. Again, the specific charges have not yet been unveiled.
Manafort left his home in Virginia a short time ago. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
Paul Manafort is turning himself in to Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, a source says
Paul Manafort (Former Trump campaign manager) and Rick Gates told to surrender to federal authorities, the first charges in a special counsel investigation
Russian auxiliary fleet cargo vessel Dvinitsa-50 returns from Tartus Syria and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea10 kuu tagasi
Russian auxiliary fleet cargo vessel Dvinitsa-50 returns from Tartus Syria and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea
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Russia says Baikal seals died in huge numbers because their hearts stopped.
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ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed 1 ceasefire violation.
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 119km WSW of Druzhina, Russia
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