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22 九 2018

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One SWAT policeman injured in special operation in Derbent
Military equipment arrived in Moscow to participate in the Victory Parade
US brands China, Russia, Iran, North Korea 'forces of instability'
Russia tells U.N. envoy U.S-led strikes on Syria hurt peace process
Russian ambassador to U.K. @Amb_Yakovenko: Douma was staged by the West, there was proof now. Also insinuating that nerve agent was injected into „Skripals by U.K. government („we have suspicions")
Russian ambassador to U.K. @Amb_Yakovenko slamming U.K. government: they behave „unacceptably". Expects Britain to launch big cyber attack and present it as response
Russia: The United Kingdom is destroying all possible evidence on the Skripal case
Russian ambassador @Amb_Yakovenko giving Moscow's view on events in Syria and Salisbury
Kremlin: U.S. is making it hard for Aeroflot crews to get visas
Speaker of the State Duma Volodin proposed to introduce penalties for those Russian firms which comply with the recently introduced US sanctions and trade restrictions
Eastern Damascus: Russia|n MP entering Ruhaybah after deal with E. Qalamoun Rebels to evacuate pocket and hand over heavy weaponry.
North Korean official to hold talks in Russia on labor migrants: RIA
Russia says will not offer to host Trump meeting with N.Korea's Kim
Russia says Trump invited Putin to U.S. during phone call
RBC got their hands on a letter from the FSB where they say the real reason Russia banned Telegram is over its ambitious $1.7bn cryptocurrency ICO
Lavrov: Russia has informed America of areas that are the red lines to Moscow in Syria before the American strikes
Russia joins European Union, India and China in demanding compensation from U.S. for its tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.
The Russian Foreign Ministry promised a tough response to the detention of the crew of the ship Nord in Ukraine
Special Counsel's interest in @PaulManafort stemmed in part from his suspected role as a "back channel" between the @realDonaldTrump campaign and Russia intent on meddling in Election2016, a judge is told by a lawyer for @TheJusticeDept.
Russian MFA says about possibility of canceling of direct flights to U.S
Pentagon: 2 Russian frigates were close to USS Donald Cook in E Med, but never threatened American warship, U.S. jets were overhead throughout allied missile strike, Lt. Gen. McKenzie says
"Russian air defenses were energized, they were scanning. They had a mainstay air defense aircraft up" @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie says of combined strike on Syria chem weapons sites "They did not choose to engage"
Russia's behavior during the US, UK, France airstrikes in relation to the USS Donald Cook were "professional" says @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie
@ChiefPentSpox: As expected, Russia immediately began a misinformation campaign to sow doubt and confusion to hide its complicity. Russia falsely claimed Syria air defense shot down a significant number of missiles when in fact, all of our missiles hit their targets
@ChiefPentSpox: The Russian manufactured air defense systems were totally ineffective. Russia and the Assad government demonstrated the ineffectiveness of their systems, again, 2 days later when those systems engage accidentally
China's Xi Jinping, Britain's Theresa May agree chemical weapons use 'unacceptable'
Russia's internet research agency troll farm is recruiting "English-speaking journalists" to work on its "Wake Up, America." campaign
Slack blocked in Russia
5 月 前
NATO SACEUR meeting with Gerasimov in Baku is complete. Officers discussed military exercises and posture, officials said.
Moscow recommends that London doesn't rush to destroy evidence in Skripal Case
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