27 九 2023
Users Report issues with App Store and Google Play Store apps in Russia
Canadian Prime Minister: Russia's brutal attack threatens peace and order around the world
1 年 前
A charter aircraft carrying Russian foreign nationals has been held at the Yellowknife airport in Canada's Northwest Territories, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said
President Duda: "We will not give up, even if the Russians surround us in Kyiv. If they start a city blockade, they will end up like the Nazis besieging Leningrad in WW II. They will not break us and they will go away in disgrace as criminals." - said to me @ZelenskyyUa this evening
Facebook, BBC & Meduza websites blocked in Russia - @globalchecknet
The @meduzaproject website has been blocked in Russia
The possible wreckage of a Russian Su-34 bomber in Irpin
FM Dmytro Kuleba:When Russians can't achieve real goals, they focus on fake TV coverage. Having seized a TV tower in Kherson, they plan a show: Russian troops provide humanitarian aid while fake 'locals' brought in from Crimea stage a fake 'demo' in favor of Kherson region 'uniting' with Crimea
British Defense Ministry: The illegal and unjustified Russian attack on Ukraine continues
1 年 前
Based on "information available", the command of a unit of Belarusian paratroopers has received an order to cross the border into Ukraine, according to a Ukrainian update on Russia's invasion. A combat order would be made after the crossing, it said, without giving dates
President Joe Biden's administration on Thursday announced new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and others in President Putin's inner circle as Russian forces continue to pummel Ukraine
RT America is ceasing productions and laying off its staff, according to a memo from the production company behind the Russia-backed network
The Pentagon on Tuesday established a deconfliction line to communicate with the Russian Ministry of Defense "for the purposes of preventing miscalculation, military incidents, and escalation," a defense official tells
Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Russia is superior to us in the air, and our partners must make a decision and provide us with combat aircraft
JPMorgan said on Thursday it expected Russia's economy to contract 35% in the second quarter and 7% in 2022 with the economy suffering an economic output decline comparable to the 1998 crisis
A U.S. Special Operations official monitoring the conflict in Ukraine told Connecting Vets that he had seen estimates of 280 Russian armored vehicles taken out by the Javelin as of this writing, out of 300 total missiles fired
Russia firing indiscriminately in Ukraine, says @POTUS during Cabinet meeting
Usmanov's superyacht and aircraft designated "as blocked property," announces @USTreasury OFAC (which is releasing helpful photos)
ISI reveals: Minsk, Belarus and southwestern Russia, Gathering of aircraft (attack helicopters, fighter jets and cargo planes) at several bases near the Ukrainian border1 年 前
ISI reveals: Minsk, Belarus and southwestern Russia, Gathering of aircraft (attack helicopters, fighter jets and cargo planes) at several bases near the Ukrainian border
List of individuals, family members & companies hit with full blocking sanctions – officials make clear this list, which builds on individual sanctions already imposed in the last week, will continue to grow
The U.S. has slapped new sanctions on a range of oligarchs & their family members, as well as their companies. State Dept. will impose visa restrictions on 19 oligarchs and 47 family members and close associates
1 年 前
New sanctions to be announced by the US against oligarchs in Russia this afternoon, confirms @PressSec, adding it likely won't be the last round of such actions taken
Russian forces are now attacking Energodar. That's the site of probably Europe's biggest nuclear power station1 年 前
Russian forces are now attacking Energodar. That's the site of probably Europe's biggest nuclear power station
1 年 前
The second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia is over - Podoliak. Ukraine did not get the results it hoped for, said an adviser to the head of the Office of President. According to him, the parties agreed on humanitarian corridors for evacuation of people and delivery of medicines in the areas of the most active hostilities, as well as a temporary ceasefire during the evacuation. The third round of talks is to take place in the near future.
.@ZelenskyyUa "If you can't close the sky now, then give a deadline when it will happen.If you can't do it now, tell how many people have to explode,how many arms, legs, heads have to fly to reach you Tell me how many. I'll go to count and wait for this moment."
Putin at Russian security council states that the war in Ukraine is ongoing according to the plan and schedule
Putin starts a new meeting with members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation
The Pentagon judges that 90% of the Russian force gathered on Ukraine's borders ten days ago has now entered the country. The first phase of their operation has happened and they are stalled
Heavy bombardment in cities across Ukraine north-Kyiv, Cherniv , Russians just outside Kharkiv -per Sr US Def official, but Russians appear stalled. Convoy is stalled. Ukrainian air space still contested; >480 Russian missile launches of all sizes &stripes
Chernihiv: As of 3:30 p.m., the bodies of 22 people were extracted from the rubble as a result of air strikes. Rescue work continues
Verkhovna Rada today imposed life imprisonment for looting, sabotage, treason, approved the nationalization of Russian property and approved Zelensky's decree on mobilization
Putin and Macron held a third phone call since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin told Macron that the tasks of the Russian military will be fulfilled "no matter what," according to Kremlin
Putin told Macron that military operations in Ukraine will complete their goals
White House is asking Congress for $10 billion in emergency funding to boost its response to invasion of Ukraine—money that will be used to address humanitarian crisis as well as assist its defense against Russia
Ukraine confirms peace talks with Russia today, on March 3. A member of the Ukrainian delegation, lawmaker David Arakhamia, said that Ukraine is looking to at least agree on humanitarian corridors
Russian forces have control of Kherson regional administration: Governor
Chernihiv city, north of Ukraine. Destroyed residential are by Russia's strikes. Video: Ukrainian Public Broadcaster
Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has accused the West of fixating on nuclear war, one week since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine. On Sunday, President Putin put Russia's nuclear forces on high alert, accusing the West of taking "unfriendly" steps
Russian strike in Chernihiv was caught on dashcam
1 killed and 1 injured as result of russian shelling and fire in Gatne, Kyiv suburb today
Adviser to Ukraine's interior minister says Mariupol is surrounded by Russian forces1 年 前
Adviser to Ukraine's interior minister says Mariupol is surrounded by Russian forces
France has seized Igor Sechin's superyacht, stripping the head of Russia's state oil champion (and long-time Putin ally) of a prized possession. According to satellite tracking the yacht's transponder hasn't broadcast since 2013 when it was near Marseille
Zelenskyy: When this war finishes Russia will be paying for decades reparation's to Ukraine to rebuild what its invasion has destroyed
Lavrov: We will not allow Ukraine to maintain a military infrastructure that threatens Russia's security
Zelenskyy: "Russia's missile and bomb strikes on Ukrainian cities are a confession, — they failed to do anything significant on our land. All lines of our defense are preserved. The enemy has no success in any of the strategic directions, they are suppressed, they are doomed"
Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukraine Railways) provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with refrigerated cars for the removal of the dead Russian soldiers
One million refugees have fled Ukraine in the week since Russia's invasion, the United Nations says, warning that unless the conflict ends immediately, millions more are likely to flee. Crowds of Ukrainian refugees in Poland try to board buses
Russian FM Lavrov: The Russians should not be afraid to be behind the "Iron Curtain" again, a 'construction' of which now only demonstrates the unreliability of Western countries and their inability to negotiate
Video: Ukrainian Su-24 targeted Russian military column1 年 前
Unknown location
Video: Ukrainian Su-24 targeted Russian military column
By a majority vote of the Board of Directors of Echo of Moscow, a decision was made to permanently close the radio channel and the website of Echo of Moscow
Finland and Sweden, two Arctic states that are not NATO members, received a letter from Russia demanding security guarantees. Finland is preparing a response to these demands, its foreign minister says
This morning in Kharkiv, a city Russia is massively shelling
According to the FT, Turkey blocked the passage of the Russian Navy Northern Fleet's Admiral Kasatonov Project 22350 frigate equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles to the Black Sea1 年 前
According to the FT, Turkey blocked the passage of the Russian Navy Northern Fleet's Admiral Kasatonov Project 22350 frigate equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles to the Black Sea
The @StateDept issued a strong statement to condemn Russia's "full assault on media freedom and the truth."Independent outlets Radio Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd TV were restricted. RosKomNadzor threatened to block @GolosAmeriki if it does not take down reporting on Russia's invasion
Military echelon in Tyumen
1 年 前
Several Russian warships have left Crimea and are heading to Odesa. An amphibious assault on Ukraine's third largest city could come as soon as Thursday: U.S. officials
According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia intends to declare martial law on March 4 - Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov
President Biden:Putin thought the West and NATO wouldn't respond — and he thought he could divide us at home. He was wrong. I spent countless hours unifying our European Allies. We countered Russia's lies with truth. And now, the free world is holding him accountable
Soldiers from the U.S. Army's 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team wait to board a transport plane bound for eastern Europe on a deployment launched in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, U.S., March 2, 2022. REUTERS/Michael A. McCoy
1 年 前
Kherson Mayor: Russian forces are on their way to the city council headquarters
"War crimes are happening here," said Ukraine's rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman. "The Russian army that was beating the Nazis in 1941 is bombing civilians in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa today. If I die, those who are silent today will be cursed as accomplices
Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov's 512-foot yacht has been seized by German authorities in the northern city of Hamburg
The Pentagon: We postponed the test launch of an ICBM this week to prove that we are a responsible nuclear power
Protesters in Saint Petersburg were detained by police for attending a rally against Russia's invasion of Ukraine1 年 前
Protesters in Saint Petersburg were detained by police for attending a rally against Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Photo: destroyed Russian Typhoon-4x4 vehicle1 年 前
Photo: destroyed Russian Typhoon-4x4 vehicle
The moment of the rocket strike on Kyiv, south Railway station
Sec Blinken says that provocative rhetoric about nuclear weapons is the height of irresponsibility, calling it dangerous. "It adds to the risk of miscalculation & should be avoided," he says. The US is not changing its defensive posture
Department of State:.@SecBlinken: We're sending humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine, and we are working to support the frontline countries
"A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought," @SecBlinken says & adds that "provocative talk" about nukes is the height of irresponsibility; the US noted Putin's order to raise his nuclear alert level & sees "no reason to change our own alert levels"
Department of State:.@SecBlinken: We said that, if Kremlin ordered an invasion, we would help Ukraine defend itself while imposing costs on Russia. Our total security assistance to Ukraine in the past year is more than $1 billion
Blinken: We will continue to escalate sanctions against Belarus if it continues to help Russia in the war on Ukraine
Russians have fired over 450 missiles into Ukraine: U.S. official
An overwhelming vote at the UN General Assembly to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine: 141 in favour; 5 against; 35 abstaining
Russian ministry of defense admits 498 killed soldiers during war in Ukraine
Russian envoy to UN Nebenzya urges the UN General Assembly to reject a resolution condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine. Threatens with escalation
1 年 前
The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has declared two Russian diplomats persona non grata. Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office Claims Diplomats Are Involved in Intelligence Activities
Territorial defense working in Okhtyrka, Sumy region1 年 前
Territorial defense working in Okhtyrka, Sumy region
Russian Media watchdog Roskomnadzor demands from Wikipedia to remove information about Russian war against Ukraine
New aerial strikes in Kharkiv at Holodna Hora area
Navalny calls for protests worldwide against Putin's war, at 7pm on weekdays and 2pm on the weekends. "Don't just say you're against the war. Fight against the war."
16:10 (Minsk time) A convoy of Russian military equipment with V marks was moving along the M10 highway from Gomel towards Rechitsa1 年 前
16:10 (Minsk time) A convoy of Russian military equipment with "V" marks was moving along the M10 highway from Gomel towards Rechitsa
There is a threat of a direct clash between Russia and NATO, - Russian Deputy FM Grushko
Shelling by Russian army targeted a school in Kharkiv
Abandoned Russian military column in Sumy region1 年 前
Abandoned Russian military column in Sumy region
Ukrainian FM Dmytro Kuleba: Call with my UK counterpart and friend @trussliz. Coordinated new sanctions on Russia for its barbaric aggression against Ukraine, as well as steps to close any loopholes and leave Russia no chance to bypass current and future sanctions
Russian vehicles were burnt in attempt to enter Mariupol1 年 前
Russian vehicles were burnt in attempt to enter Mariupol
Additional Russian military equipment being loaded in Khabarovsky Krai of Far Eastern Russia1 年 前
Additional Russian military equipment being loaded in Khabarovsky Krai of Far Eastern Russia
Russian FM Lavrov warns that the third world war would be nuclear and destructive
Head of Russian space agency Rogozin: if before 21:30 4th March we will not receive assurances that ONEWEB satellites not to be used for military purposes, we will scrap the launch
Head of Russian space agency Rogozin: attempts to hijack Russian satellite that the casus belli
Russian troops are trying to storm two nuclear power plants in Southern Ukraine at the moment, according to Ukraine's deputy minister of interior.
Russian troops spotted in Balakleya, south-east of Kharkiv
1 年 前
The mayor of Energodar says Russian troops approaching the city. The largest nuclear power plant in Europe (according to Wikipedia) is placed in this city
Ukrainian ministry of Defense estimates Russian casualties at 5840
The building bombed is the Economics Department of Kharkiv National University. The Russians were likely targeting the offices of the SBU intelligence agency across the street and destroyed the wrong building Here is what it looked like in better times from Google Streets
Wreckage said to be of a Russian Su-34 bomber purportedly near Kharkiv identified as the top wing panel of an Su-34 or Su-30SM based on panel line arrangement
Photo: destroyed Russian military equipment in Bucha
Another devastating Russian strike on Kharkiv. This one hit the Karazin National University's School of Sociology which sits across the street from the regional Interior Ministry office. Video via Anton Gerashenko, aide to Interior Minister
1 年 前
Japanese Ministry of Defense: A Russian helicopter violated the airspace in the north of the country
1 年 前
Russian troops have seized the river port and railway station in Kherson, Mayor of Kherson Igor Kolyhav said. According to CNN, Russian military vehicles entered Kherson after heavy shelling and appear to have taken the southern city
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