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8 نيسان 2020
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تصحيح من وكالة الأنباء الروسية: محادثات بين وزير الخارجية الروسي ونظيره الأميركي في الـ14 من مايو في سوتشي
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وكالة الأنباء الروسية: محادثات بين وزير الخارجية الروسي ونظيره الأميركي يوم الأربعاء في سوتشي
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Putin's adviser Sergey Glazyev: new Ukrainian authorities, probably, will settle Donbas with Jews. Putin's spokesman Peskov already commented that it is Glazyev's personal opinion, not position of The Kremlin
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SBU foils plot by Russian intelligence to blow up ammo depot in Ukraine. Russians recruited a Ukrainian serviceman working at the site threatening to hurt his family living in occupied Donbas.
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Facebook removes Russian content targeting Ukraine: 62 Facebook accounts, 10 Pages and 25 Groups.
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Pompeo-Lavrov meeting has ended, lasting a little under an hour. From the Russian side Lavrov claimed there will be likely be no military intervention in Venezuela due to no support for it, called the meet a continuation of PutinTrump dialogue, discussed "real politics" whatever that means
The meeting between Lavrov and Pompeo begins in Rovaniemi, Finland.11 الشهر منذ
The meeting between Lavrov and Pompeo begins in Rovaniemi, Finland.
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3 killed, 1 wounded as result of explosion at Azot chemical plant in Perm region
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مقتل خمسة مدنيين وإصابة آخرين بقصف جوّي للطيران الروسي على قرية ربع الجوز بريف إدلب الجنوبي فجر اليوم
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Investigative Committee of Russia: 41 confirmed dead in Superjet crash in Sheremetyevo
It's premature to talk about a possible suspension of flights of "Superjet" after the disaster at Sheremetyevo - Russian aviation watchdog Rosaviatsia
Russian Investigative Committee: 78 people were on the flight Moscow-Murmansk, committee has information on 37 survived
Video of crash landing of SSJ-100 in Sheremetyevo11 الشهر منذ
Video of crash landing of SSJ-100 in Sheremetyevo
Russian Investigative Committee update death toll of Superjet-100 crash in Sheremtyevo to 13, including 2 children
18 injured in Superjet fire in Sheremetyevo
Aerial image on incident in Sheremetyevo
TASS: 13 people dead at an Aeroflot flight to Murmansk. A total of 73 passengers were on the plane during the emergency.
Russian Investigative Committee after the accident in Sheremetyevo opened a criminal case on violation of safety rules for air traffic, resulting in the death of two or more persons
The fire destroyed the half of Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane at the Sheremetyevo airport
Moscow's SVOairport (SVOUUEE) running at reduced capacity due to the SU1492 accident just now.
Rescuers report that all 78 passengers of the burning plane were evacuated at Sheremetyevo, only five people were injured.
Sukhoi Superjet 100 Moscow-Murmansk caught fire in Sheremtyevo
Pompeo: "Whether it's China or Russia, you have Iranians on the ground in Venezuela we know about the long history with a couple of thousand Cuban thugs essentially controlling that country today. The United States wants all other countries out of this nation."
خروج مشفى (نبض الحياة) عن الخدمة بشكل كامل جراء غارات من الطيران الحربي الروسي  سوريا ريف ادلب الجنوبي بلدة حاس11 الشهر منذ
خروج مشفى (نبض الحياة) عن الخدمة بشكل كامل جراء غارات من الطيران الحربي الروسي سوريا ريف ادلب الجنوبي بلدة حاس
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[email protected]: Very good call yesterday with President Putin of Russia. Tremendous potential for a goodgreat relationship with Russia, despite what you read and see in the Fake News Media. Look how they have misled you on "Russia Collusion." The World can be a better and safer place. Nice.
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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to meet with his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Arreaza in Moscow on Sunday, a day before Lavrov is to meet the U.S. Secretary of State
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[email protected]: When will the Radical Left Wing Media apologize to me for knowingly getting the Russia Collusion Delusion story so wrong The real story is about to happen. Why is @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @CNN, @MSNBC allowed to be on Twitter and Facebook. Much of what they do is FAKE NEWS.
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1 Russian serviceman died as result of projectile explosion at firing range in Sverdlovsk region of Russia
11 الشهر منذ
[email protected]: "They wanted to know what Trump was up to with the Russians - which of course is nonsense. This whole thing was a complete setup." George Papadopoulos to @seanhannity
Grupo De Lima reiterates its call to Russia, Turkey and all those countries that still support the illegitimate government of Maduro to favor the process of democratic transition.
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