Map. History of Russia conflict

21 October 2017
Azerbaijan reported on 126 shelling from the Armenian side
US will have to accept North Korea’s nuclear status – Pyongyang
Another startling case of Russian corruption: a retired senior policeman from Moscow owes Florida real estate worth $38 million
Blogger Bozena Rynska says she is leaving Russia. "I'm leaving this country, I'm tired of living under Putin!"
Blogger Bozena Rynska says she is leaving Russia.
Chechen leader Kadyrov announces he has repatriated 15 Russian citizens (4 women, 11 children) from former IS lands
Russian deputy foreign minister says Moscow and Washington continue dialogue on North Korea and Iran - agencies
Checkpoints will be introduced on Russia-Belarus border
Kremlin spokesman says proposal to hold a congress of Syrian peoples is being actively discussed
ATO spox: Russian proxies used no heavy weapons yesterday. Moreover, Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no casualties.
Russian Navy DDG 'Admiral Panteleyev' and 'Admiral Vinogradov' Udaloy-class has arrived to Manila, Philippines at Oct.20,2017
Putin promises a “mirrored response” against U.S. media if Washington sanctions Russian-funded RT and Sputnik
Russian FM: Break-up of Iran nuclear deal would be alarming signal for int'l security system including in Korean peninsula
Blatter says he is going to World Cup at Putin's invitation
ISIS recruiter was detained in Leningrad region of Russia
RU A2AD systems become more integrated every year. RU potential constantly growing. Crucial elements: missile systems and electronic warfare.
[email protected]: "If the mainstream media would cover the uranium scandal I think that's your Russia story, that's your REAL Russia story."
"Your real Russia story is uranium" and how they got "a vast percentage of what we have," says @POTUS.
Putin asked abt Russian mistakes in foreign policy. Putin in typical conciliatory form: “Main mistake … was that we trusted West too much!”
Putin: “We love Ukraine, we love Ukrainians. They are brothers. They are partly Russian”
After belligerent tirade on Ukraine, Putin calls for peace, says Russia “doesn’t need conflict on its borders”
Pompeo: "Yes, the IC's assessment is that the Russian meddling that took place did not affect the outcome of the elections."
Putin on Ukraine bloodshed: “You say we’re to blame! Europe is to blame!”
At Valdai Putin is asked if the next president could be a woman. “Everything is possible in Russia,” the president quips.
Russia has caught up with U.S. on missile capabilities - Putin
Universal nuclear disarmament possible, Russia wants, will seek this - Putin
Russia President Putin accuses US of repeatedly failing to fulfill its obligations under nuclear and chemical weapons treaties.
Haley to Putin: “Don’t interfere in our elections, and we won’t be anti-Russian.”
Putin: The sanctions package that was passed by the US Congress was aimed at pulling Russia out of the European energy market.
Putin: The Syrian experience shows that organised chaos in the Middle East can be resisted. It's not easy for us, but we are doing this.
Putin: Our efforts in Syria turned out to be correct, professional and timely.